10 Most Horrible Game Franchises That Got Off To A Great Start


Video gamesLike any entertainment medium, it tends to have more failures than hits. The simple fact is that there will be more bad or mediocre creations in a medium than there are good ones. Bad video games can sell well, too, and developers and publishers are still trying to come up with sequels to see if they keep selling.

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Every now and then, a bad video game series can still bring out a good title. This is not always the case, but it does happen every now and then. Sometimes a series goes into full swing; sometimes it’s a flash in the bottle with bad follow-up titles.

10 Outlast: Whistleblower outperforms the base game and the embarrassing sequel

Official type of Outlast whistleblower

The original to survive is a downright terrifying game with memorable villains like Dr. Traeger, the twins, and Walker. The ending disappoints, however, as the Wallrider conspiracy and the protagonist are shot down without further ado. The continuation, 2 outlast, has an uninteresting story with a lackluster villain and an even more disappointing twist.

Enduring: Whistleblowerwho have favourited extension on to survive, crowns both with an exciting story about the eponymous whistleblower from Mount Massive Asylum, who flees from the terrible bridegroom and actually survives to see the light of day.

9 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance rejected after first game

The wonder: Ultimate Alliance Series was the successor to the X-Men: Legends Franchise that brought together nearly 30 playable heroes from across the Marvel Universe to battle all-star villains like Doctor Doom, Loki, Ultron, Baron Mordo and the Mandarin.

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The sequel tried that Civil war Storyline with an overly simplified combat system, and it got bumbling in the end by introducing the artificial intelligence known as Fold. The most recent third entry, exclusive to the Nintendo Switch is hard to confuse, easier and more disappointing.

8th Army of Two never topped the first game

Army of the Two Cover ARt

Army of two is a product of its time. It tells a story from the War on Terror era featuring two hyper masculine dudebros with one of the strangest friendships in video games. The story isn’t bad, but it’s not brilliant. The real allure is the friendship between Tyson Rios and Eliot Salem.

The continuation, Army of Two: The 40th day, tries his hand at the ridiculousness of. to lean Army of two and thereby loses part of its charm. The third game Devil cartel, gives up Rios and Salem completely, gives the player two uninteresting blank boards in Alpha and Bravo and even makes Salem the final boss of the game.

7th The Red Faction series peaked with guerrilla

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars Teredrs

The Red faction Franchise struggled to find its identity with the first two entries, even if the first game already had the geo-mod engine for environmental destruction, for which the series would become popular. The third entry, Red faction: guerrillas, offers the player an open world Mars environment in which every significant structure is completely destructible. This gives the player a lot of freedom to experiment with approaches to missions and the catharsis that comes with being able to blow anything up.

Red faction: Armageddon backs away from freedom guerrilla and thereby loses a lot of its attractiveness. In the end, it didn’t sell very well either, and it killed Red faction as a series.

6th Sniper Elite 3 is the culmination of what the series could be

Sniper Elite III

The first two Sniper elite Games suffer in large part from the claustrophobic city environments, which lead to levels that often feel pretty much the same. However, Sniper Elite 3 takes the player to North Africa with vast natural environments dotted with buildings and structures to explore and navigate. The world is beautiful and the gameplay is addicting.

Of course, Sniper Elite 4 took a few notes from Sniper Elite 3 but can’t keep up and falls into some of the same traps as the first two games.

5 No Dead Rising sequel has rivaled TheOriginal

Dead Rising Cover Art

The original Dead resurrection is a nice balance of personal tragic storytelling with ridiculously creative and over the top fighting as Frank West finds new and innovative ways to dismember the undead. Dead Rising 2 tried to take a cartoon, almost the latter Saints Row-esque turn with a new protagonist and zombie-killing sports.

Dead Rising 3 Try for a younger protagonist and a more open world that couldn’t mimic the charm of the first game or the humor of the second. Dead Rise 4 brings Frank West back only to fumble that return and goes so far as to end up killing him.

4th Far Cry peaked at 3 and has not recovered since

Far Cry Ranking Far Cry 3

The first two Far cry Games are unforgettable experiences that haven’t drawn too much attention (except for a confusing Uwe Boll film). But everything good about the franchise came with it Far Cry 3, a character-driven story with a captivating main villain and good emotional incentive to slash and burn the pirate villains of the games.

Since then, Far cry has tried to recapture this magic, but has not yet been able to. Far Cry 4 and 5 couldn’t get the sign formula quite right, and Far Cry: Primal and New beginning proved to be similarly forgetful spin-offs … though Primal came close to the interesting.

3 Borderlands 2 improves gameplay and tells a good story

The original Borderland had lots of good gameplay elements and formulas, but the gameplay loop proved too repetitive and forgotten about history to take hold. However, the stars align with it Borderlands 2who made a great villain in Handsome Jack and cleaned up the gameplay enough to keep it exciting and refreshing throughout.

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The pre-sequel tries to capitalize on it Borderlands 2 to disastrous results, and Borderland 3 had insufferable villains and a strangely tangled history.

2 Witcher 3 streamlines gameplay and combat in ways that previous games didn’t

Witcher 3 Complete Edition header

The first two Witcher Games, despite having great stories and lyrics, suffered from tangled and sometimes dull gameplay and combat. The first game almost falls into a rhythm game trap with its own sword fight, and the second takes a few steps back in quality.

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt manages to create an exciting combat system with beautiful graphics that lasts to this day. The outstanding writing shines with exciting quests and a captivating main story.

1 Fallout: New Vegas is the best modern Fallout game

Fallout New Vegas

From the modern Fail Games (without the classic pre-Bethesda Fail Games), that’s hard to deny Fallout: New Vegas stands head and shoulders over his colleague. With great writing, a good balance between RPG elements, fun battles, and a great take on the show’s moral system, Fallout: New Vegas gets everything about modern Fail Law.

Compared, Fallout 3 falls short with a less interesting story and more frustrating battles. Fallout 4 removes too much of the RPG elements and doesn’t have a good story to tell either. Fallout 76 has a myriad of problems, too many to really list here.

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