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The makers behind it it’s always sunny in Philadelphia the series would still be going strong in 2020 with over 150 episodes completed when it premiered in 2005. It’s normal for TV shows that have run for more than a decade to experience serious growing pains, but there is a shocking level of persistence It’s always sunny that makes it one strongest sitcoms of the 2000s.

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It’s always sunny excels when it comes to it absurd storytelling and incredible characters, but there are a few episodes that have firmly established themselves as evergreen classics. It’s hard not to laugh when watching the most memorable episodes of It’s always sunny in Philadelphia.

10 “Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare” marks a turning point in Always Sunny’s craziness

Television is Always Sunny in Philadelphia Dennis Dee Welfare Crack

It’s always sunny is proud of his ability to push boundaries from the start. “Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare” is a season two episode, but it’s an extreme entry that establishes itself Always sunny new status quo if things move forward. The episode focuses on the elaborate and ridiculous lengths characters go through to avoid work. Dennis and Dee while under the narcotics lead to some harrowing feats.

9 “The Gang Dines Out” is a testament to character work in a shabby environment

Television is always sunny in Philadelphia The Gang Dines Out

“The Gang Dines Out” is an entry from It’s always sunny season eight, which is usually at the point where long-running series begins to struggle with storytelling inspiration. “The Gang Dines Out” is a testament to the series’ willingness to experiment with structure and how well-defined characters can turn any simple plot into gold. “The Gang Dines Out” is a bottle episode that completely breaks down the chic restaurant Guigino’s, during the dinner tradition of Mac and Dennis. It is so satisfying to see the chaos that is still possible in these stripped-down surroundings.

8th “The DENNIS system” lays the foundation for the Serial Killer Foundation by Dennis

the Dennis system

The evolution of Dennis’ character in a sociopathic serial killer is a stroke of genius by It’s always sunny. The series was able to effectively seed Dennis’ disturbing habits, with “The DENNIS System” being a groundbreaking entry in the department.

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Granted, “The Gang Buys A Boat” contains Dennis’ infamous “Implication” speech, but it is “The DENNIS System” that adds more to the ridiculous serial killer running joke It’s always sunny hugged Dennis.

7th “Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games” begins an important, always sunny tradition

Television is always sunny in Philadelphia Chardee MacDennis

Dedicated fans love it when a series some type of activity or game to play for the characters – be it New girls “True American” game or Parks and leisure “The Dunshire Cones.” The seventh season of It’s always sunny introduces the insane, exhausting and alcohol-soaked Paddy’s Pub custom “Chardee MacDennis”. The circumstances behind this chaotic competition allow all of the characters to be in their manic and unleashed form. “Chardee MacDennis” turned out to be such a popular episode that there was even a sequel.

6th “The gang is desperately trying to win a prize” is the meta version of the series for Emmy Pandering

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Gang is desperate to win the header award

it’s always sunny in Philadelphia proved to be a real comedy institution, but the series never got any great awards attention of the Emmys over their 14 seasons. It’s always sunny With “The Gang Tries Desperately To Win An Award” from its ninth season delivers a pretty brilliant and self-confident examination of commercial television and award shows. The episode is structured around a “Best Bar” competition and cleverly shows that Paddy’s Pub is using “mainstream” tactics to appeal to the general public.

5 “Charlie Work” is a technical marvel that puts Charlie in the spotlight

Television is always sunny in Philadelphia Charlie's study bathroom

It’s always sunny often takes on its rougher impulses, making it seem like a show that wouldn’t experiment with ambitious cinematography and structure, which in turn makes those risks even more effective. Season 10 Charlie Work offers an expanded focus on the routine gimmicks Charlie uses to prove that he is actually the glue that holds Paddy’s Pub together.

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The premise is strong, but “Charlie Work” plays along an uninterrupted seven minute recording that pushes for technical excellence at a level never before seen on the show.

4th “The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6” is a parody masterpiece

Television is always sunny in Philadelphia Deadly Weapon 6

Any series that has been running for so long It’s always sunny benefits from the luxury of indulging in follow-ups to previous hits. A quick look at the gang’s perfect attempt at creating a Lethal Weapon 5 is an early highlight of the series, but The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6 goes further with a full episode that is affectionately followed in. acts Deadly weapons bombastic Dude Cop Action Franchise. This is such a departure from the rest of the series that it is impossible for The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6 to be forgotten.

3 “The caretaker always wipes twice” is a full-on film noir pastiche

Television is Always Sunny in Philadelphia Janitor always wipes film noir twice

Megan Ganz started writing for it’s always sunny in Philadelphia in season 12, but she has quickly grown to become one of the main creative members of the series. Ganz’s scripts often drive structural innovations and bold concepts, which is very present in the 14th season of “The caretaker always wipes twice”. The episode is a passionate pastiche to the film noir genre, complete with black and white photography and custom colors to hammer the homage. Visually, it’s certainly one of the most eye-catching episodes in the series, but the film noir filter is such a fun way of filtering out Charlie’s madness.

2 “Mac and Dennis move to the suburbs” is the culmination of their dysfunctional friendship

Television is always sunny in the Philadelphia Mac Dennis Suburbs

Many of these episodes of It’s always sunny which qualify as the most memorable are due to a large stylistic or visual deviation that takes place. However, “Mac and Dennis Move to the Suburbs” stands out solely because it is such an accomplishment in terms of writing, character work, and acting. A very simple act forces Mac and Dennis to live together For a month in the suburbs, but what starts out as an innocent bet becomes a grueling exercise for everyone involved. The two are pushed into seriously dark places, which only accentuates the episode’s unpredictable trajectory and Dennis’ unbridled anger.

1 “The Nightman Cometh” is an absurd theater with a beating heart and a great twist

The grand finale of The Nightman Cometh

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia Season four feels like an eternity, but it’s impressive to see that even the earlier series found its voice and was capable of true classics. “The Nightman Cometh” is Always sunny at its best and offers a bit of everything. Charlie ties the gang in a wild playwhich in turn fills in the tragic and disturbing details of his childhood. Charlie’s frustration with the direction of the piece is fantastic, but the twist it takes and Charlie’s reasoning for all of that ostentation is just perfect.

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