10 things that could happen in Blumhouse’s Five Nights at Freddy’s


Five nights at Freddy’s took the internet by storm when it debuted in 2014. In addition to several sequels, a film has been in the planning for years. Development on the film was in full swing, but after several years of script and studio changes, it was confirmed that Blumhouse Studios is at the helm, working closely with Cawthon.

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Fans have received few updates, and mixed reception from Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security breach steals the excitement of the film. But earlier this summer, Jason Blum gave fans a glimmer of hope with an update that Jim Henson’s Creature Shop was working on the film and that progress was being made. That five nights The lore is long (and often confusing), and adaptations often fall short, leaving no one quite sure where the story will take viewers, but the possibilities are endless.

10 Expansion to years of gameplay

Fans and critics have debated the validity of Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF) Gameplay since its release. The original four entries consist of players sitting in a room, turning on lights and locking doors while draining the power supply, all in an effort to stay alive until 6am

Since the game isn’t particularly dynamic outside of the few hidden mini-games included in the sequels, it would be difficult to have a movie with this premise. However, it would be easy to show the same tasks on screen and make them dynamic or even reminiscent of horror where most of the movie takes place in a locked room Seen or games like Silent hill 4.

9 The story of “Purple Guy”

William Afton, also known to fans as the “Purple Guy,” is technically the main character of the franchise. The stories that unfold are almost all caused directly by Afton, and he’s the reason souls are trapped in haunted animatronics. There FNaF could not exist without William, a possible concept for a film following him and his crimes would be compelling.


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Fans could see things from Afton’s point of view or watch as the character slowly has to pay for what he’s done. Conversely, it could fully cover the aftermath of his actions through the lens of other characters, such as Henry Emily, William Afton’s business partner.

8th The Afton family has a franchise worthy of lore

The events of FNaF unfold because of William Afton, but the series closely follows his entire family. Michael Afton, aka Mike Schmidt, is the character players play as in the original FNaF. The story of Mike is tragic and follows as he atones for his father’s sins and is attacked by the animatronics because of this relationship.

During the early development of the FNaF Film created many screenplays. Cawthon stated that the most developed screenplay was called “Mike”, and it is believed that it was named after Mike Afton. Future games will follow different members of the Afton family, but this was something fans wanted to see and it’s hard to tell if the idea will be scrapped altogether or if it will evolve into something else.

7 Show the bite of ’87 (or ’83)

One of the most important events in Five nights at Freddy’s Story was the 1987 bite. The first game mentions the tragedy as the man on the phone says, “IIt’s amazing that the human body can live without the frontal lobe.” This is the first time players have become aware of how dangerous the animatronics are and that they pose a threat to the general populace.

FNaF 4 features another terrifying bite that explains the in-game gameplay, along with the backstory for the Aftons. Both events are important to Fazbear Entertainment in the story, but even more important to the in-game story, making them perfect fodder for an even more compelling film adaptation.

6 Follow FNaF’s most tragic story

who plays like in FNaF 4 has not been confirmed, but it is widely agreed that they are in the crying child’s shoes. The child is a victim of the ’83 bite and has a crippling fear of animatronics as a result.


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Dedicated fans who pieced this together FNaF History is aware that he is another Afton child, and it is theorized that he is either Michael Afton or Michael’s older brother. Regardless of the true story, the pursuit of this tragic protagonist could bring true horror to the film and maybe even confirm some fan theories along the way.

5 A time before the tragedies

That FNaF The community is responsible for handling many key story elements that Scott Cawthon introduced to the franchise. Two things fans theorized that were later confirmed are that there were multiple Fazbear locations and that the animatronic chica is the first to be possessed, making her the first victim.

Although Chica was the first victim, much of her story is deemed less important than the other factors, and a film that kickstarts the chilling narrative would be a way to attract new viewers and please the more dedicated fanbase.

4 A revitalized and glamorous attitude

When Cawthon retired from the franchise, it was unclear whether this was because the narrative was complete or real-life controversies faced by the creator. Regardless of the rationale, Steel Wool Studios produced their own in 2021 FNaF Game outside of the VR project with Scott, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security breach.

The game was riddled with bugs and introduced more questions than answers, but the aesthetics and ability to explore were overall well-received. Many newer fans are hoping that the film will adapt this visually stunning glam rock take on the animatronics-based establishment to make it tastier and more unique.

3 Following a victim might simplify the story

While in previous installs the playable characters were shrouded in mystery and took entire fandoms to connect the dots, security breach had a clear protagonist. Players take on the role of Gregory, a young boy on a mission to find his parents and escape the Pizzaplex with the help of Freddy Fazbear himself. This approach to the game made it easier for fans to connect with a new character and added more interesting interactions between characters.

While it’s not verified exactly who the boy is, a Gregory-type character in the film could help establish another connection very confusing plot.

2 Introduce a security guard who uncovers the secret

Being a security guard is a staple in the FNaF Franchise. Few games break this mold, and if the film producers want a fair amount of customization, it’s an element they can’t overlook. Whether it introduces a new character or not, the Head Guardian could slowly unravel Fazbear Entertainment Company’s dark past over various nights, just like players did at the beginning of the franchise.


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This mysterious approach would add more layers to a film that might later become too trope-centric and predictable FNaF has spent the better half of a decade redefining indie horror.

1 Takes place in more modern times like FNaF 3

Another idea from the list of scrapped scripts that Cawthon described that fans were interested in was the concept of teenagers exploring a seedy, haunted version of the family diner. Making Freddy Fazbear more of an urban legend wouldn’t be a unique take on the horror, but it could be an easy way to tie the story into the real world.

If it’s something like this Fazbear’s terror Setting and story in FNaF 3, it could offer an engaging narrative and fun ride for die-hard fans and people who enjoy the occasional horror movie.


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