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Garden Story is a one-of-a-kind action-adventure RPG for Nintendo Switch and PC in which you can take on the role of a grape named Concord, visit living islands, and face off against enemies named Red. Garden Story was released along with Axiom Verge 2 during Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase and has quickly generated interest and certainly has the charm of becoming a hit.

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Clearly inspired by the Legend of Zelda series, Garden Story does an incredible job adding new, clever ways to keep the fighting feeling fresh and rewarding. It also makes you feel like you are influencing every village you travel to and there are many ways to build each city and get stronger. Here are some tips to get you started on the right foot!

How to save

Concord sleeps on a sheet of paper and saves his progress in Garden Story

Garden Story offers a unique way to save your progress and does not support quick save or auto save functionality. This just makes what you do a little bit more important than it normally does, and makes you feel risky but rewarding every time you venture a little too far.

To save your progress in Garden Story, you will need to go to your house and sleep on your leaf bed to advance to the next day. If you have to die while exploring, the game will save your progress and make you reappear in your house and take you to the next day. You will also lose some leaflets (the game’s currency) when you die. So do not use this as a savings option.

Grab your mail

Concord checks the mailbox in Garden Story

An important and easily overlooked feature will be your mailbox at the beginning of Garden Story. Every village you go to has its own house with a mailbox next to it that many players can walk past without realizing that they can interact with it.

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When a new day comes, go outside and hit the mailbox with your melee weapon to get a random amount of leaflets to start your day! The number of leaflets you receive can be relatively few or quite generous depending on the day, but they add up and help keep you from going completely broke!

How to peel red

A shelled red loading concord on the beach in Garden Story

When you get to the second village in Garden Story, you will encounter red, protected by a clam, making them immune to melee damage. However, there will be plenty of favors and requests that will involve you killing those pesky enemies.

Fortunately, you get a fishing rod early on. You can use it on the Shelled Rot to remove them from their shell and open them up for melee damage. So, if you don’t have a fishing rod and see these little annoyances running around, avoid them at all costs!

Equip memories

A picture book with memories from Garden Story

Completing certain milestones in Garden Story will unlock reminders that you can browse your home. Memories are essentially perks that you can equip to enhance some of Concord’s attacks and abilities. Improvements such as firing projectiles with melee attacks, less stamina when sprinting, attack attacks with two hits and more are possible through this system!

You start with one memory slot and will eventually unlock nine slots as you play through. Plus, as you flip through the book, you’ll be able to see the challenges for locked reminders so you can do whatever you can to unlock them!

Complete inquiries

Inquiry board in Garden Story

Every new day in Garden Story brings new requests for Concord that must be fulfilled in order to help the village and ultimately unlock bigger and better rewards. While these requests are generated randomly, you have all day and night to get them done, so don’t sweat to get them done!

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Requests feed into the central gameplay loop and are the way Concord saves every village. So complete every task you get to improve every city and advance into new areas! However, if you die during your adventure, any requests you did not complete will be discarded and new ones will be generated. Inquiries you have completed will continue to be counted and submitted after death.

Types of rope are important

Reloading in Garden Story

As you explore the new villages, you will come across plenty of faucets that will fill your water tanks quickly and allow you to heal two HP in an emergency. Faucets are available for free and are scattered around the world of Garden Story, allowing you to top up your healing bottles at any time.

While the dew extracted from the faucets is free, they don’t heal Concord’s health too much, making it a risky choice to enter the dungeons and more difficult areas of the game. Each village will also have a vendor selling dew that can heal four HP, which is more than enough, especially if you can increase the number of bottles you can carry at any given time!

Fishing for rare materials

Concord holds up an item obtained by fishing in Garden Story

After getting the fishing rod in Garden Story, the world opens up a little more as you collect materials of all kinds, allowing you to upgrade your tool arsenal. Even if you can’t always get a good catch, fishing in general is an incredible way to get hold of rare materials.

While fishing, you can also collect materials that you can turn into any city’s library, unlocking more memories and places in the process. Fishing is generally an important part of Garden Story and shouldn’t be overslept, especially in the early game.

Village status

Status of the village in Garden Story

The status of your village depends entirely on the number of queries you have completed and their level of difficulty. As mentioned above, requests are randomly generated tasks that Concord is supposed to perform and help save the city and its people.

Fortunately, performing these tasks pays off. With each new level reached in each group of requests, you will have access to better weapon upgrades, health upgrades, and much more. Fulfilling requests will make Concord much stronger over time, which is why completing them and keeping track of them is so important – and why maximizing your village’s status is more than just an effort.

Upgrade your weapons

Weapons upgrade shop with requirements and description in Garden Story

As mentioned above, leveling up your village’s status gives you a variety of upgrades for your tools, including your weapons. Upgrading your weapons early in Garden Story is vital and will give you a significant advantage during your adventure.

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Upgrading your weapons requires unique materials and some leaflets, and makes your attacks do more damage, swing faster, and much more. In addition, the more you improve your tools, the more “Upgrade Orbs” you can break, which are scattered around the world and grant things like more HP, stamina, and a variety of other skill points.

Concord sells materials to the shopkeeper in Garden Story

In Garden Story, you’ll often balance your physical inventory with your inventory, which can be a bit frustrating at first – that is, until you find that you can sell any additional items to vendors instead of dropping them.

Essentially, you can only store individual stacks of 15 materials / items in your storage box, so any extras you have will remain available and clog your inventory. In addition, you have limited storage space, which forces you to make a difficult decision when you have maximum capacity. Fortunately, every vendor in every village is happy to buy materials from you, some of them at pretty good prices! That way, you’ll have extra income, which will allow you to keep improving your tools, and much more.

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