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the Batman: Arkham Franchise is one of the most popular video game series in the world and has been hailed as a fantastic portrayal of the Caped Crusader and his universe. For beginners who want to get excited about the games before they’re released Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, There are a couple of important things that you need to know.

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Fans will know that newbies to the saga are about to embark on one of the most epic video game quests out there. Whether it’s how to best use the unique combat system, what to look for in such a large open world, or which copy of the title to buy, these tips should provide new players with the best experience possible.

10 Play in chronological order

Batman slides down from the sky - Arkham Origins

The series’ developer, Rocksteady Games, actually has two departments. The main studio is based in London, but the company has also opened in Montreal. Despite the different studios that Arkham: Origins The title released by this sister studio is still part of the Canon timeline.

Although some newcomers advise skipping therefore Origins and move on to the main trilogy, this takes off a bit of the experience. While not the best game of the four releases, it does have some great stories that impact the other titles and some of the Arkham The most awesome boss fights in the series, including one against Deathstroke.

9 Don’t worry about the difficulty

Batman fights Anarky in Arkham Origins

Many players worry about the difficulty level at which they should experience a title. Any level deemed too low may appear as if the player is doing the title a disservice. It shouldn’t really matter which game is loaded into the console. With the Arkham Series should be comfortable for beginners with the simplest settings.

The reason for this is that because of the difficulty level, you won’t miss any content, but you can enjoy the story a lot more without worrying that you will progress too slowly. The combat system sets the title apart, but the conflicts, dramas, shocking twists and turns, and great characterizations are what make it up Arkham is celebrated from the start.

8th Explore the city

Batman drives past a church on the Line Launcher in Batman Arkham City

Even though Arkham Asylum is a bit more on rails compared to the rest of the series, Origin, city, and Knight all of which allow players to properly explore the city of Gotham. With that said asylum allows fans to let off steam in the infamous title facility.

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The developers are big fans of the source material and have hidden so many secrets and Easter eggs in these places. The attention to detail is truly amazing and beginners should definitely take a moment to appreciate the work, whether it’s fun nodding to famous places or mysterious graffiti on a cell wall.

7th Find the Riddler trophies

The Riddler from Arkham City

the Arkham Series contains some of the most universally recognized superhero games ever published. Part of the reason for this is because absolutely so many aspects of the titles have been well thought out, including the collectibles. In this franchise, Riddler trophies are the items that players want to hunt down.

To find them, players often have to solve complex tasks, solve puzzles, and keep an eye out for new clues. Finding them all could lead to a boss fight against the Riddler himself, so they are well worth collecting. A player should try to find the trophies as the game progresses so that they don’t have to return to difficult locations after the campaign is over.

6th Mix up the fight

Batman Fighting Titan Joker - Batman Arkham Asylum

the Arkham Combat system is very popular and has revolutionized the gaming industry. Not only is the way a player fights their way through rackets unique, but the title also offers several other methods for facing an action set piece.

Batman comes with a range of gadgets and the option to go into stealth mode. These tactics can be used at any time, and it is advisable for a novice to review all of the utility belt options before heading into battle. It could be that explosive gel could do the job a lot faster than a couple of well-placed punches. This advice will help players through even the toughest fights in the Arkham Games.

5 Listen to the goons

Batman fights thugs with shock gloves in Batman: Arkham Origins

It’s not just the visual design that Rocksteady has put its heart and soul into. Even the script work was clearly written by the fans for the fans. NPCs are not just inanimate objects that can be beaten up and locked up. A player may actually want to stop and hear what they are saying.

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The authors have created authentic dialogue pieces that really bring this fictional universe to life. You can hear the thugs talking about the events of the campaign, or maybe even their personal lives. They react appropriately to what’s going on around them and may even give a hint of a dark character lurking in the shadows.

4th Rely on detective mode

Batman uses detective mode in the rafters

Detective mode really is the bread and butter for any gamer who gets into the Arkham Series. It’s the night vision-like selection that reveals all of the combat options available to the player depending on the environment, as well as all of the secrets hidden in the walls or even the number of enemies present.

Detective mode is a tactical way to oversee every situation in the game. Any playable character in the Arkham Series comes with a version of this option, and the narrative actually affects detective mode as well. In some parts of the game it is not available, and in other sequences it may give players a false truth to protect a big twist or to sell the effects of a hallucinogen.

3 Get the DLC

Batgirl over family banner - Batman Arkham Knight

Sometimes downloadable content just isn’t worth the extra purchase. That’s the case with many titles in the video game world, with DLC simply adding in uninteresting costume changes or a few extra hours of uninspired gameplay. However, it is Arkham The series really does have some great DLC.

Whether it allows players to grapple with Red Hood and Batgirl, or maybe continue the narrative from the main campaign with Harley Quinn, each DLC actually adds something new and valuable. Not to mention, there are some awesome skins up for grabs, including Batman Beyond’s.

2 Don’t ignore side missions

Azrael stands in the rain - Batman Arkham Knight

It is perfectly normal for the audience to try to speed their way through the main campaign, guessing every beat, and ignoring some of the side missions available. Some fans are of the opinion that side missions could ruin the momentum of the game and they’d better play through after completing the main story.

The side missions in Batman Arkham However, games add so many extra layers to these titles that they simply shouldn’t be ignored. They help to define what’s really going on in Gotham, and that’s fair to say Arkham City can boast of the best. The most intriguing mission allows the world’s greatest detective to really step into action on a series of gruesome paths. And some of the best boss fights come at the end of these quests.

1 Play the latest releases

There have been several publications in the Arkham Series, regardless of whether they are in the original format of previous generations of consoles or revised new releases that include the aforementioned DLC. However, for those starting this adventure today, there really is only one way forward.

The games are absolutely stunning to watch and gamers should try to get their hands on the latest releases of the title. Return to Arkham is a great place to start with asylum and city brought to modern generations, including their DLCs and revamped graphics. Fans hope that Rocksteady will bring all four titles to the PS5 and Xbox X | S series in the future.

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