11 upcoming games for monster hunting fanatics


TThe appeal of monster hunting games is essentially twofold; 1, the act of battling a massive large monstrosity is visceral and satisfying, and 2, monster hunting games generally require mastery of weapons, with each encounter requiring practice and strategy to execute. Monster-hunting titles also vary – monsters come in all shapes and sizes, as the games in this overview demonstrate. Some are human-like, others not so much. Although there are more than a handful of dinosaur-centric monster hunting titles in this overview, each game does something unique.

sons of the forest

Crash landing on remote island sons of the forestthe upcoming sequel of The forest, a crafting and survival tone set against a cannibal-infested hellscape. Some of the mutant monsters in sons of the forest are – as developer Endnight Games puts it – “almost human-like”, while others hauntingly describe them as “like nothing you’ve ever seen before”.

From the gameplay we’ve seen so far, sons of the forest promises an intense, violent, and gory experience in which you exercise complete freedom to approach the world as you see fit. See, you’re on your own on this deadly island. There will be no domineering NPCs holding your hand while you fight demons to stay alive. After a number of delays, this one will hopefully be released in February 2023.

Project Awakening

High fantasy action RPG Project Awakening has been in the pipeline for a number of years and was first announced by developer Cygames in 2016. Based on Capcom monster hunter series, the first glimpses we saw Project Awakening — a wandering knight appointed by an almighty command to battle a giant, scaly dragon-type creature — promised a game capable of standing alongside these legendary Capcom titles.

After re-emerging from the development abyss late last year, we’re firmly back on the Project Awakening hype train. Despite being around three years old, this original trailer still packs a punch; The weight and physicality of the knight fighting the dragon is still amazing. With development most likely shifting to current-gen hardware, it’s exciting to see just how impressive Project Awakening will look like our next look at the gameplay footage.



Do not cheat Leave Now. For the uninitiated, the gist is that this is a spillover Horizon forbidden west Odyssey type with players taking command of New Yorker Frey after she was mysteriously transported to the beautiful land of Athia. She must master her newfound magical abilities against a range of fantastical monstrosities – from gigantic flying dragons to skeletal creatures from another world – if she hopes to find a way home.

Most intriguing are Frey’s magical powers fueled by Athia’s nature. For example, she possesses the ability to command water barriers to attack or defend. These mystical abilities are also paramount to quick and agile maneuvers, allowing Frey to quickly dodge oncoming attacks or repeatedly leap higher in the air to confront the game’s monolithic dragons. Don’t wait too long beforehand Forspokens Publication; Barring any further delays, expect this one to land on PS5 and PC on January 23rdapprox.

Honor of Kings: World

Glory to the world of kings

As a hugely popular Chinese mobile game for half a decade Honor of Kings: World is this open-world action role-playing game’s chance to spread its wings on comparably large PC monitors and TV screens. Don’t leave the fact Honor of Kings: World has its roots in mobile gaming, but that puts you off because, as TiMi Studio Group advises, this is a major reimagining. We only have to check out the official Unreal Engine gameplay trailer to see that they’re into something – it’s just gorgeous, with colourful, mythological beasts exuding poise and aggression in swirling co-op battles. Little is known about it Honor of Kings: World Release window currently, except that it will come to “multi-platform” in due course.

Black Myth: Wukong

Black Myth Wukong

To join Honor of Kings: World as one of the most exciting games from China, Black Myth: Wukong is an upcoming action role-playing game that features a prestige version of Dark Souls Formula laced with East Asian aesthetics and Chinese mythology. Players command the Monkey King Sun Wukong, a mythical figure best known as the protector of the Buddhist monk Tang Sanzang on their arduous pilgrimage through Central Asia, as narrated in 16th century Chinese literary classics Journey to the West.

Sun Wukong is incredibly strong, with lightning-fast reflexes and the magical ability to transform into 72 animals and objects, meaning he’s quite capable of fighting giant foes, including writhing flying dragons with snake-like bodies, like in the gameplay revealed so far. Let’s hope that newly formed development studio Game Science can fulfill the early promise of the game, which will be released on multiple platforms next year.

ark 2

ark 2

The original ark The game showcased some interesting concepts – a tropical environment populated by primeval tameable dinosaurs, with mythical technology that can be used alongside base-building mechanics. Admittedly, there was a lot going on with the original that didn’t always land properly. Well, Studio Wildcard has a sequel on the way and with it a promise that every aspect of ark Series is rethought and redesigned. A deeper story appears first, in which Santiago – played by Vin Diesel – is tasked with protecting his daughter in a chaotic world where native flora and fauna are being overrun by invasive primeval creatures of an extinct earth. There will be plenty to chew on, though ark 2 coming sometime next year, with Xbox Series X|S and PC being the only announced platforms so far.

The Lost Wilderness

The Lost Wilderness_02

Now more dino shenanigans and survival horror adventures The Lost Wilderness, a game touted by Great Ape Games as “an immersive and cinematic dinosaur game that captures the awe and terror of nature’s most magnificent beasts.” Players can expect to face all their childhood favorites – Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl and of course an angry, toothy T-Rex. The kicker here, however, are the dinosaurs The Lost Wilderness are said to have intelligence that reflects the behavior of wild animals. As a result, players must carefully explore the game’s jungles and decide when to stealthily avoid a predator or intimidate it with a combination of fire and non-lethal weapons. As a quality feature The Lost Wilderness is published by indie titans Annapurna Interactive and will be released sometime in 2024.



instinct is a cinematic story-driven adventure that sees players hunt all manner of prehistoric creatures—from extinct dinosaurs to relatively modern Ice Age saber-toothed tigers—in an experience that Hashbane Interactive says is brimming with engaging combat and environmental puzzles. Players control intrepid explorer April Summers – plagued by demons herself – as she roams beautifully crafted interactive environments in search of ancient artifacts. Of all games in this rundown, instinct feels the heaviest in the atmosphere. There is no scheduled release window yet, so wish for that on Steam if you want to be kept up to date.

death place

death place

death place Send squads of up to three people in a desperate fight for survival against an onslaught of deadly dinosaurs. death place can also be played solo; However, with a team of professional hunters and survivalists, strength in numbers will surely improve players’ chances of getting the biggest loot. There’s a Hollywood-like aesthetic death place, whereby comparisons to the Jurassic Park films of the 90s are obvious. Either way, dinosaurs are in death place are considered reactive and unpredictable, chasing players for a play session that feels dynamic and engaging. This is another one that doesn’t have an official release window, so find it on Steam and wishlist it.

Atlas fallen

Atlas fallen

As far as we know, in Atlas fallen Players glide through a timeless land, hunting legendary monsters using a range of powerful, shape-shifting weapons with deadly sand-infused abilities. It’s fair to say that the current gameplay trailer only reveals snippets of actual gameplay footage, but what we’re seeing – despite sandsurfing – is impressive; elemental explosive weapons that target dangerous, sand-encrusted monstrosities against a backdrop of ancient ruins. A current generation title Atlas fallen should appear next year.

Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts

Freshly revealed Wild Hearts is a collaboration between monolithic game publishers EA Originals and Koei Tecmo, vying alongside development studio Omega Force to dethrone Capcom monster hunter as the main game. Wild Hearts Set in an imaginative, feudal Japan, teams of up to three players are tasked with taking on “huge, nature-infused beasts called the Kemono.” It’s very reminiscent of Capcom’s legendary monster-hunting titles, but has a unique selling point in the form of the magical Karakuri, which are constructible buildings and platforms that players can scale before jumping, launch with a handheld helicopter, or even build in a medieval style Hammers to pelt the game’s colossal beasts. In addition to the game’s announcement, the release date was February 17thth 2023, with PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC, the platforms were confirmed.


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