5 Android Apps Not To Be Missed This Week


Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Welcome to the 407th edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the big headlines from the past week:

  • A promising PS2 emulator for Android is currently in alpha testing. It’s exciting because most of the existing ones are either controversial or not ready for public consumption. In comparison, AetherSX2 takes its time, follows the rules and has a lot going for it. Click the link to learn more.
  • Google Messages is receiving an update that may address a long-standing issue. When an iMessage person responds to a message, this is currently indicated in a text. After the update, it will show up as a real response. It’s a minor thing, but an irritating one for people in group chats with iPhone users.
  • We asked our readers whether they prefer streaming devices or the apps on their smart TV. As it turns out, the answer isn’t as straightforward as expected. Around 40% of our readers prefer streaming devices like Chromecast, while nearly 35% of our readers prefer their smart TV apps. The rest said they both liked.
  • Google Cloud had an outage this week affecting multiple apps. The list includes Snapchat, Spotify, Discord, Nest, Fitbit, and many other websites. The outage lasted a few hours before it was fully resolved. However, the failure was only partial as many people did not experience any noticeable problems.
  • Google launched a Fortnite Task Force after Epic Games decided to self-publish instead of using the Play Store. The task force was responsible for pointing out security vulnerabilities and reporting them to the media without giving Epic Games much time to fix the problem. It’s another fold in the long battle the two companies are waging.

Stories of Luminaria

Price: Play for free

Tales of Luminaria is a new action RPG set in the universe of the Tales series. It has a list of 21 characters, a long story, decent game mechanics, and more. The only really quirky part of the game is the controls, where it’s pretty easy to lose your enemies and the game is only played in portrait orientation. If you can do that, the rest of the game is actually quite nice, even if it’s a free title.

Document reader

Price: Free / $ 9.49

Document Reader screenshot

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Document Reader is a simple app that you can use to view Office documents. It supports popular file types such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. There is also support for PDF files. That’s all it does, and it does all of these things pretty well. You can get most of the same functionality from other Office apps like Google Drive or Microsoft Office, but sometimes it’s helpful to have a viewer to see things without having to load an entirely different app.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile

Price: $ 9.99 with in-app purchases

Football Manager 2022 Mobile is the latest in SEGA’s popular Football Manager range. The game has 60+ leagues in 25 countries, so you can start your journey from almost anywhere. The game works much like its 2021 counterpart, but with a few extras in terms of scouting, an injury center, and some game mechanics. It seems like this game needs a few rounds of tweaking and balancing, but it should turn out to be one of the better soccer simulations of 2021.

SyncUp Kids screenshot 2021

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

SyncUP Kids is a new app from T-Mobile. The app enables parents to keep in touch with their children via a smartwatch. The smartwatch part is pretty simple. Children can text and call at the discretion of their parents. The watch also transmits a GPS location so parents always know where their children are. The watch also has a pedometer, dust and water resistance class IP68 and a camera. The main purpose of the app is to control the watch and see the data that the watch is sending back. We haven’t tested the watch, but it might be something for parents.

Eternal Saga: Region Tactics

Price: Play for free

Eternal Saga is a strategy RPG with a little more emphasis on the strategy part. Players have access to three races of troops and can mix and match those they like to create an army based on their design. The armies then fight in different missions. The gameplay is supported with a story to play through, a PvP mode and multiple combat modes. It has its weaknesses like all new games, but with a little TLC this should be a decent overall game.

If we missed a major Android app or game version, let us know in the comments.
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