5 Great Subscription Tracker Apps That Will Help You Save Money in 2022 – Phandroid


As the Internet has grown, so has the number of online services that offer subscriptions. It’s not uncommon for people to subscribe to multiple services spread across different categories such as entertainment, shopping, fitness, and productivity. The subscriptions are usually affordable on an individual level, but when you think about all the services you pay for, there’s a good chance it all turns into a significant amount of money pouring out of your pocket.

Because of this, it is very important that you not only keep an eye on these subscriptions but also get rid of the unwanted ones. And given the number of services available, it’s no surprise if you can’t remember every single one. Here are 5 best subscription tracker apps to track and manage all your paid subscriptions. They also offer benefits like timely reminders, spend insights, and the ability to easily cancel subscriptions.


Truebill is essentially a one stop solution for all your financial tracking needs. For the setup process, you need to link it to your bank account. This allows the app to automatically retrieve your financial data and give you an overview of your spending.

You can easily check all your digital subscriptions from one place. There is an option to set alerts, create a monthly budget and cancel unwanted subscriptions. It gives you instructions on how to get rid of a particular subscription.

The app can also be used to manage your monthly bills and check your credit score. It’s a free app but offers in-app purchases for some extra perks like auto unsubscribe and custom spend categories.


Billbot is an online subscription management app. It offers 200+ popular subscription services and 10 categories for you to choose from. If you can’t find something, you can always add it manually.

You can add billing dates and billing cycles and set reminders for services on an individual level. The app shows monthly and yearly average spend, total spend and outstanding spend. Other options include the ability to create multiple user profiles and set the default currency for each of them.


Subby is an ad-supported application with support for more than 400 subscription services and 160 different currencies. The app doesn’t offer any categories by default and you have to create them manually. You can set the payment method for each subscription and choose from Bright White, Dark, and Pitch Black themes.

There is a paid version of Subby with a one-time payment that offers an ad-free experience. It also adds support for Google Drive automatic backup, home screen widget, and requesting missing service icons.

clarity money

Clarity Money lets you manage subscriptions, but it’s essentially a finance app. It can help you manage all types of your expenses including bills. The app advertises itself as an “AI-powered finance champion” where it uses the power of AI to help you save money. It also offers the ability to easily cancel subscriptions.


Mint is another app in the list that’s primarily for financial management, but you can also use it to track digital subscriptions. You can use it to monitor monthly expenses, get bill reminders, and track transactions by linking bank accounts. It offers notifications for payments, but the good thing is that even if there is a price increase for the subscription, it notifies you.


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