5 must-buy games from Steam’s 2022 Summer Sale


The Steam Summer Sale is back again. This year’s catalog is packed with discounts across a variety of genres, offering something new and fresh for everyone. From now through July 7 at 10:00 am PT, players can purchase some of the games industry’s most celebrated titles for a fraction of the original price.

From RPGs to farming simulators to action games, Steam’s Summer Sale has a little of everything. The sale is such that players can get a little lost in all the titles on offer here, so a little help separating the wheat from the chaff can go a long way. Here are five of the biggest deals from this year’s Steam Summer Sale.

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice ($29.99; 50% off)

Coming from the same studio Sekiro: Shadows die twice is the older brother of Dark Souls Play and refine the former’s intense combat and RPG gameplay into an action-adventure game set in feudal Japan. The story follows Samurai Wolf’s adventure to rescue his master, young Kuro, who is in danger of having his immortal powers used by others for personal gain. In an era of reigning lords, binding oaths, and corruption, Wolf must make a choice about loyalty and pursue his own path.

Sekiro immerses players in a tale of loyalty and loss with multiple possible endings, but where Sekiro stands out for its combat system. Execution is meticulous and a mistake or two can end the encounter. Players who enjoy challenging combat will appreciate the stance system, parry emphasis, and intuitive grip. Steam has them Game of the year edition included in the Summer Sale event, giving action fans a great discount on an amazing game.

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Dead by Daylight ($7.99; 60% off)

Dead by daylight is an asymmetrical horror game in which four survivors must team up and repair generators to escape a killer. Players can choose to play as a survivor or as a killer, each with their own tactics and playstyle. Survivors cannot fight the killer, but can avoid them by jumping through windows, dropping palettes, or using fatigue benefits. Much faster than the survivors, the killer can quickly catch up to them, using powers and abilities to find, capture, and eventually sacrifice them to the mysterious entity.

what does Dead by daylight What’s special is that it’s one of the first of its kind and inspires a plethora of killer vs. survivor games. Players get a lot from the base game and can unlock more characters and perks by spending the Dazzling Shards and Bloodpoints they’ve earned in Trials.

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The Forest ($4.99; 75% off)

The forest is a first-person survival game in which players become Eric LeBlanc, the sole survivor of a plane crash on a mysterious peninsula. As Eric explores the wreck looking for his son, he quickly discovers something is wrong with the residents: they are cannibals, and some of them have horribly mutated with bloated bodies and extra limbs. Eric must fend for himself on the island, survive the elements, avoid the mutant tribes and save his son.

Being both a survival and a sandbox game, players can take their time exploring the terrain and building their base. However, the horror elements creep to the surface as players begin to unravel the mysteries behind the island and the reason for the plane crash. Now is a good pick-up opportunity The forest and catch up ahead of the release of the highly anticipated sequel, sons of the forest, is scheduled for release in October 2022.

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Tales of Arise ($29.99; 50% off)

stories of creation won the Game Award for Best RPG in 2021 thanks to its cohesive combat, stylized graphics, beautiful environment and authentic characters. TAles from Arise revolves around the conflict between the worlds of Rena and Dahna, with the former having exploited and enslaved the latter. The two main protagonists, Shionne and Alphen, hail from each of the two different worlds and after a chance encounter, they decide to join forces and end the subjugation.

Where stories of creation Glamor lies in the interpersonal relationships between the characters, particularly Shionne and Alphen, as they eventually become friends and understand each other’s perspective on colonization. For 50% discount, stories of creation is a must for RPG lovers.

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Stardew Valley ($8.99; 40% off)

Casual players having fun animal crossing or moonlighting will worship Stardew Valley. Created by lone developer Eric Barone, Stardew Valley is a 2D farming simulator reminiscent of retro games like harvest moon. Players are free to roam, gather resources, build their farm and make friends or romance with the townsfolk.

The player character is a corporate office worker who is burned out from work and life in the city. They return to Pelican Town in the eponymous Stardew Valley to escape the corporate nightmare and live peacefully on their grandfather’s old farm. Isolated from the world, Pelican Town comes alive thanks to its vibrant townsfolk bursting with personality. Midi music, warm colors and pixel graphics really make this game a blast from the past.

This year’s Steam Summer Sale has great deals on amazing games, and these five tips are just the start. Now is the perfect time to browse the sale inventory and snag some new titles at deep discounts before the event concludes.


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