A new Telegram update adds message reactions, in-app translation, and more



The popular instant messaging application Telegram introduces a new update. This new update brings a host of new features for Android and iOS users.

In an official blog post, Telegram announced that it is adding one of its long-awaited features, message reactions, to its app, along with a few other features.

With the Telegram 8.4 update, users can now send message responses to specific messages. Telegram users can now send their reactions using emojis to share their feelings and feedback without having to send a message.

To send a response, all you have to do is double-tap a message. You can change your default reaction by going to Chat Settings> Quick Reaction.

In particular, this feature is already available in other messaging clients such as iMessage, Discord and Slack. So now it’s good to see this feature finally going live for Telegram.

Next up, Telegram is also adding larger animated emojis effects. These new, larger emoji effects are only visible during one-on-one chats. Just tap the emoji you received to see a bigger and more intricate emoji effect.

The Telegram 8.4 update is already live for users to download from the Google Play Store

The company is also adding support for the Spoiler Alert feature. Just select any part of your text and choose Spoiler from the pop-up menu and your message will be hidden. The message is also hidden from the notification. To view the hidden message, you need to tap on it.

The in-app translation also comes with this new Telegram 8.4 update. Since Telegram allows you to connect with different people in public groups, there should be no language barriers when connecting.

After updating the telegram, users can now translate the app from within the app themselves. To enable translation, you need to go to Settings> Language.

The in-app translation feature works on all Android devices, but is limited to iPhone with iOS 15 or higher.

In addition, users can now generate a QR code for a public username. Groups, channels and bots are also supported. Users can share their QR codes, choose colors or patterns as they like. You can get a QR code for your username in the settings.

If you haven’t updated the Telegram app on your device, you can click here to download the latest app from the Google Play Store and enjoy all of these amazing features.



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