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Age of Empires 4 will be released later this week, and with the embargo lifted today, reviews of the highly anticipated RTS title have been rife on the web. Before launch, we thought it best to compile a list of rating results so you can judge whether the game should be your next big purchase (or Game Pass download)!

Age of Empires 4 is the latest in the popular historic RTS series released by Microsoft Studios and coming to PC on October 28th. Age of Empires 4 puts you in the dominant role of numerous civilizations of the Middle Ages as you play great battles, rule over your kingdom and conquer.

The game promises to be a much sought-after cocktail of intense strategic gameplay and army management with those for the RTS genre.

The VG247 Review – A Safe But Addicting Real Time Strategy Game That Respects Its Story 3/5.

“Age of Empires 4 is as multifaceted as the events depicted in it. It’s more ambitious than other AoE games in dealing with its content and inspirations, but also much more reluctant to change the basics. There’s no need to change what’s already working, although a few extra gameplay frills could help make AoE 4 feel fresher and more exciting, ”wrote Josh Broadwell on our review.

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