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Alice fiction is fast moving puzzle role playing game game in the market. It is developed by Wonder Planet Inc., and it brings a different approach to puzzle games. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll discuss what this game is, its benefits for new players, how new players can progress, and so on. Puzzle games, like MMOs and RPG games, are saturated. ALICE Fiction brings a breath of fresh air to the genre. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll take a look at ALICE Fiction’s basic gameplay and tips, and help new players get a head start.

Gameplay Overview

The story of this game takes place in a digital world. This world is called the Metaverse of ALICE. In this metaverse we are one avatar, our digital self. All of our memories of the metaverse are stored in a database. These stored memories are known as world memories. One day, like any other, when we’re surfing the metaverse, one mistake causes the whole thing to collapse and erupt.

This error code locks us out, but the mother AI solves the problem and we log back in. When we log back in, we’re told that we’ve forgotten everything about the metaverse, we don’t even remember if we logged in before. Supposedly in this metaverse we have a little sister who we can’t remember either. This is where the gameplay begins.

Introduction to the basics of ALICE Fiction

main game

The main game of this game is something like that Candy Crush but better and contains more action. After completing the story tutorial, we must defeat a monster that has appeared in the metaverse due to the bug. We beat this monster by breaking Panel on the screen.

Image by WonderPlanet Inc.

These panels contain the faces of our characters that we own and breaking them helps our characters on screen to attack the enemy. Breaking 3+ panels of the same character (like in Candy Crush or similar games) will cause that character to unleash a special attack. These special attacks are devastating, so the goal should be to break 3+ panels as many times as possible.


A small but very important part of the above gameplay is the timer. There’s a timer that expires when it’s our turn. So it’s very important to make sure we break as many 3+ and singular panels as possible within the time limit. If we don’t do this, our character’s attacks will be much weaker.


Skills are special effects on our characters. These can also be called buffs. These skills can be used to help our entire team. This includes buffs for our characters as well as debuffing other characters and so on.

energy system

ALICE Fiction Reroll Guide
Image by WonderPlanet Inc.

One limiting factor that limits playtime in ALICE Fiction is energy. The energy system here allows players to store a lot of energy. If the energy is completely used up, we have to wait for it to be recharged, or we can also buy it in the store.

Auto play

After completing some quests at the beginning, the autoplay feature will become available for future battles. This is useful for quick gaming sessions.

world memories

World memories are the memories of our avatar. These memories are part of the main story and also some side quests. These memories also consist of different levels, with 5 Stars World Memories is the highest rarity. These 5 Star World Memories can also be purchased through a Gacha Banner.

Completing the quests

The main goal of quests in ALICE Fiction is to unlock different parts of the game. This game contains a number of different quest lines. The most important questline among them is the Primary story quests. world memories are also unlocked by completing a few quests right at the start.

Alice Fiction Quests
Image by WonderPlanet Inc.

The early beginning stages of the game revolve around completing them to unlock different parts of the game as mentioned earlier. Below are the different parts of the game that we can unlock:

  • resource quests: Unlocked by completing Quest 1-6. These quests are for gathering resources like experience.
  • The subway: Unlocked by completing Main Quest 03-01 (Normal).
  • memory search: Unlocked by completing Main Quest 01-10 (Normal).
  • event quests: Unlocked by completion Main Quest 01-09 (Normal).
  • battle arena: Unlocked by completing Main task 04-07 (Normal). That’s the PvP aspect of ALICE Fiction.
  • team hunt: Unlocked by joining a team.

Use of gacha in game

The characters that we get in ALICE Fiction are obtained through a gacha system. These characters have 3 rarities:

  • 1 star: The most common characters are generally weak characters.
  • 2 stars: Stronger than 1-star characters, but weaker than 3-star characters. Good characters with a variety of powers.
  • 3 stars: The 3-star characters are the strongest in the game. These characters have groundbreaking special attacks and can turn battles single-handedly.

All of these characters can be obtained through various Gacha Banners. In addition, all these characters can also be upgraded. For that, there is another gacha banner known as “Everyday Gacha“. The things that are needed for these upgrades are the spare parts. These spare parts are made from various things in the Metaverse that were used by previous users of ALICE.

Understand the in-game resources and accessories

ALICE Fiction has a few different gathering resources. The main goal of any of these resources is to use them in gacha. Let’s take a look at what these resources are:

Alice Fiction Resources
Image by WonderPlanet Inc.
  • energy: A core element of the gameplay of this game. Can be obtained for free by top-up or purchased in store with real money.
  • coins: Coins are used to improve our characters. Once we have collected enough materials to upgrade them, we can use coins to complete the upgrade.
  • gems: Gems are ALICE Fiction’s premium currency. They are used for drawing gacha lotteries in bundles instead of single draws.
  • Gacha Cards: These cards are used for individual moves in character gacha. They can be obtained through gameplay but are rare.

ALICE Fiction Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our ALICE Fiction Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, jump-start your journey.

  • Always collect the free gacha character available every day.
  • Use energy only for the tasks you want to get done. Basically using energy for the main quests is the best option. After completing these, it is best to use them for resource quests.
  • Drag the gacha banners one by one if you are a free-to-play player.
  • Collect gems during the events that award gems. Only then spend them on a 10 move in the gacha to get one 3 stars Warranty.
  • During the game it is important to break individual panels so that there are more than 3 panels of the same characters in a row. Just crushing the plates won’t do.
  • Endgame content is still a long way off, so new players should just focus on learning the game properly and not worry about the endgame now.

So go ahead and give it a try! If you’re struggling, don’t hesitate to turn to this ALICE Fiction Beginner’s Guide for tips.

That’s all from us for the ALICE Fiction Beginners Guide! Did you find ours? Alice fiction Guide for Beginners helpful? Let us know Comments!

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