American Horror Stories suggests that AHS exists in the show’s universe


American Horror Stories’ “Game Over” contains a meta-premise suggesting that American Horror Story exists as a television show in a universe of its own.

In American horror stories‘Most meta-episodes so far – the first season finale, “Game Over” – suggests American horror story exists as a television series within the show’s own universe. American horror stories debuted as an offshoot of the original series, in which the show would include a new horror storyline in each limited episode rather than each new season. The series introduced many new cast members to the Ryan Murphy scene while also using his tactic of bringing back several lovers AHS Actors like Billie Lourd and Cody Fern in some of the episodes.

American horror story is characterized by a common universe in an anthology (which now includes the spinoff series) in which multiple fictional locations, characters and events overlap. The new American horror stories The series debuted its first two-part episode, “Rubber Woman,” to reveal that it would take place in the same universe as AHS. In the first few episodes, the series went back on AHSs roots of Murder House, where some of the ghostly characters from the original show returned to interact with the house’s new residents. The rest of American horror stories‘Season introduced new characters and spaces until the season finale returned to Murder House when it did the AHS Universe rules one step further.

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First time in American horror story History, introduced Ryan Murphy AHS as a television broadcast as part of the series. American horror Stories Episode 7 has two levels, one that exists with one American horror story Video game and one in the real world where a single mom actually designs said AHS Video game with their help AHSobsessed teenage son. The episode references every single season of American horror story both in-game and in real life, including the appearance of Murder House and characters like Ben Harmon, asylum‘s Bloodface, and Freak showis Twisty the clown. the American horror stories The plot of the episode is a meta-story of AHS Fandom, not just the phrase “American horror story“As a tongue-in-cheek allusion to the name of the series, it is actually about the show as a cultural unit.

As a spin-off too AHS which already contained another expansion of the Murder House within the universe for its premiere episodes, American horror stories‘The season finale finally integrates the original series into its own larger universe. Even if most of the Murder House events appear to be fake within the episode, it shows that they are really linked to that AHS Universe when Beau Langdon’s red ball rolls out from under Michelle’s chair in her house. Even if the episode is not explicitly meta in that it is referenced American horror storyFor past seasons, it offers easy connections to the real actors in the original series, such as the names of the video game’s first two characters, Dylan and Connie AHS: Murderhouse Actors Dylan McDermott (who appears in the episode) and Connie Britton.

The introduction of AHS to exist as a series within their own universe can mean that American horror story will have two different universes, similar to Quentin Tarantino’s two common universes for his films. In Tarantino, one universe shares fictional characters, events, and locations while the other is a separate fictional common universe in which the films exist as entertainment for the first universe. To make it clearer, Tarantino’s second level universe exists as films that the first level universe would see in theaters. if AHS follow Tarantino’s footsteps, American horror stories“Game Over” could be part of a continued second level of the show universe, in which the first level exists as entertainment for the second.

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