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Visually, the biggest change that comes with Android 12 is the ability for the operating system to change its theme based on your wallpaper. This is an option that will also be available for third-party apps, and well before the final Android 12 release, some apps already have support for Material You.

In a nutshell, Material You is the next step in Material Design, the style that Google has been using since Android Marshmallow for Android, the web, and its various products. Announced at I / O 2021, this new design language will appear for the first time in Android 12 specifically on pixel phones. To date, Google has not added Material You to most of the apps, although we noticed it in the Beta 3 version on the Google Camera app.

As for third-party support, some exceptionally talented developers managed to get the feature working in their apps before Google even released official documentation on it – an impressive feat!

One of the apps Material You already implements is Sleep as Android, a favorite with the Android community for years, that turns your phone into a sleep tracker. The developer Urbandroid declared to Android police that the app is now “99% Material You-styled” and actually reacts to background images when set, but with the small caveat of just picking a color that the theme is based on and simply changing the saturation and brightness of elements too distinguish. Not every part of the app is themed yet and some readability improvements still need to be made, but things are off to a good start, especially considering that Google hasn’t finalized the APIs yet.

However, you will need to manually download this update as an APK for now. A link is available in the description of the video below.

Long time 9to5Google Contributor Dylan Roussel has also updated his Inware app to include support for Material You topics. This update is already on the Play Store for those who are on the beta track. Just install and make sure the “Use system colors” switch is checked. Personally, I found the effect most evident when dark mode is on.

Update 07/17: Not included in our original list above is Tasker. The popular “Power User” app for Android is already testing support for Material You in beta version 5.13.0. As described on Reddit, Material You support is available under Settings> User Interface.

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