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Mobile devices with versions 10, 11 and 12 of the operating system Android They have a feature little known to most users. We’re talking about a secret camera that has different characteristics than the main camera of your smartphone. Would you like to know how to activate it? The steps are very simple and you don’t need to download any additional applications from Google Play Store or external websites.

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Quite apart from the necessary versions of Android In order to activate your phone’s hidden camera, it is important that it is Samsung brand series “A” or higher, such as the “S”. To find out the Android version or model of your device, go to Settings > About phone and Software information. After clearing the above, follow these steps.

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  • First go to the home screen or press the “Home” button on your phone Android.
  • Now drag inward as if zooming out the camera.
  • Several options appear below. Click on the Widgets option.
  • Scroll all windows to the right until you find the widget called Magnifier, touch it and click Add.
  • A shortcut to the widget has already been created when your phone starts up, find it, open it and give it the permissions to make it work.
  • Done, you have already activated the secret camera Android from your Samsung device.

This secret camera is not like the main camera of your smartphone, because you have a shortcut to turn on the flash and it also contains strange filters whose values ​​can be modified such as brightness and saturation, as well as a point. The downside is that with the widget you can change the Cannot use front camera.

What happens if I leave my phone charging all night?

  • You must know that all cell phones with lithium battery are not affected by anything in the world even if you leave your device charging all night.
  • Lithium battery terminals tend to cut off power when they reach 100%.
  • If you use it while it’s plugged in, the energy drain will complete again, giving you 100% again.

What is the small hole that is under your android phone

  • The small hole at the top of your phone is designed to improve your call quality and reduce outside noise. This way they will be heard more clearly.
  • However the small hole at the bottom of your phone serves as a microphone.
  • Many will have thought that the speaker also acts like a mic on your phone, but if it does, you’re dead wrong.
  • You should always be very careful putting a safety pin in this hole as you can damage the microphone very quickly.
  • Often the hole is right next to the charging socket or the port on your cell phone. Always try to keep it very clean so as not to shorten its useful life.

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