Android TV’s popularity is skyrocketing as it exceeds 110 million active devices per month



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It might be time to stop viewing Android TV as a follower. While Amazon and Roku continue to dominate the living room, Google’s streaming platform continues to gain traction, especially due to the recent success of Chromecast. Last summer, we found that Android TV had more than 100 million total users after YouTube passed that milestone. As we head into 2022, we’re getting some confirmed metrics from Google about how big the platform has become.

A company spokesman told 9to5Google exactly how many users are using Android devices on their TVs. According to Google, Android TV and Google TV combined have more than 110 million monthly active devices. This is the first time since last May that the company has made its user base public. At that time, streamers were actively using 80 million devices each month.


Growing to more than 30 million devices in less than a year is nothing to sneeze at, but it’s easy to see why the growth has been so rapid. Finding Android TV devices is easier than ever today. New streaming sticks from companies like Walmart, Xiaomi and Realme can be bought around the world, while TVs from Sony, Hisense and TCL now come with the software built in. Even some software bugs on TCL TVs couldn’t stop the platform’s growth in the latter half of 2021. In the meantime, pre-existing devices like Google’s latest Chromecast and Nvidia’s Shield TV range continue to sell well , supported by vacation discounts.

Although the company recently released Android TV 12, it hasn’t gotten to consumer-facing devices yet. In the meantime, the next big feature for Google TVs – multi-user support – was postponed last month and hopefully will appear in the next few weeks. We’ll likely find out more about the future of Android on TVs later this year at Google I / O.

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