App notifications are mysteriously disappearing on Android Auto, good luck fixing this issue


Using Android Auto in your car is a crazy roller coaster ride as something that is working perfectly right now can break in a second for no reason.

And that’s exactly what is happening right now for some users struggling with Facebook Messenger notifications when they run Android Auto on their car’s screens.

More specifically, a glitch that appeared completely out of nowhere results in Android Auto no longer allowing Facebook Messenger notifications, so users cannot know that they have received a new message that they may want to reply to.

Worst of all, no one knows exactly what caused the whole thing as the problem popped up overnight. Some blame Android Auto for this, others claim the culprit was the move to Android 11, but in the end no one knows exactly when and how the problem occurs.

Someone on Google forums claims to have changed both the car and the phone, but the notifications still don’t come through, and what’s even more sinister is that only Facebook Messenger appears to be affected. This could suggest that the app itself is causing the fight, but of course not everyone experiences the same behavior as notifications work correctly for some.

So who is affected and who is not? This is something that Google is trying to figure out right now as the company has asked users to provide more information about the problem by submitting a bug report from their phones.

Unfortunately, there is no workaround for those struggling with the bug, although it is worth trying to downgrade everything to an earlier version, including the Android Auto app and Facebook Messenger.

If the problem was actually caused by a recent update, this solution should help you figure it out. If the error persists, Google has yet to investigate further and determine if the Android 11 update is actually to blame.

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