Appy Pie has 5 million app downloads on Android



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Appy Pie, the cloud-based platform for creating apps without code, has seen more than 5 million downloads for its Android app called Appy Pie’s App Maker. The download share for India is around 45 percent of the total registered and is growing in importance in the wake of the country’s no-code boom, which ushers in a new wave of entrepreneurs by simplifying the start-up of app-based companies. While Appy Pie’s App Maker itself had hit the one million downloads mark in 2019, the maximum spike was observed after the pandemic outbreak, with the number hitting three million in 2020 and over five million currently.

“The outbreak of the pandemic severely affected the offline business model, disrupting the supply chain and distribution networks, forcing more and more companies to resort to online channels and app-based businesses. With the widespread adoption of no-code, which does not require programming skills, several companies have opted for a quick online move, with apps being the most popular. India’s app economy will therefore definitely grow many times over in the new normal, ”says Abhinav Girdhar, founder of Appy Pie.

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