Asmongold says it would be “weird” for him to play a female character in an MMO


Asmongold reiterates his dislike of playing as a female character while discussing Lost Ark’s gender-locked classes, calling it “weird”.

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MMORPGs often have extensive character customization options. The MMO from the developer Smilegate Lost Ark is one such game that features a very detailed character customization system. Different players have different philosophies about how they design their RPG characters. Some treat it as purely a creative tool, while others do their best to recreate their real-life looks in the game engine.

Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold definitely falls into the latter category. During a recent stream, he discussed the possibility of gaming Lost Ark to say as a female character that he would play a woman would be “strange”.


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The topic came up while Asmongold was browsing the internet Lost Ark Subreddit in stream. At around 1:32:06 he comes across a post titled “It’s not a complaint…” and a meme consisting of two images. The top image featured an artwork of an armored and bearded wizard captioned, “The Wizard I Wanted To Be.” The second image features a quartet of Lost Arks Sorceresses with the caption: “What Lost Ark compels me to.” The post, of course, is an indication that Lost Ark has gendered classes, with both mage subclasses being exclusively female.

Asmongold took the opportunity to once again express his dislike of playing as a female character, stating that he would never play as either of them Lost Arks Courses for women only. “I think it’s weird,” he said, explaining why he doesn’t want to play as a girl. “I understand that this is the case apex take boomers. I don’t like playing girl characters in games.” He explained that this is because he sees the character as a physical representation of himself in the game. Asmongold acknowledged that the current Lost Ark character doesn’t look much like him either. However, he still felt that it was more clearly a version of him than a female character.

Of course, this is a perfectly reasonable way to experience a game, and he’s right that protecting gameplay behind cosmetic choices is unfair. However, Asmongold seems to be taking it a bit further and not liking the concept of male players playing as female characters. His dislike isn’t just for MMOs, it even extends to offline games with fixed characters. In a 2019 clip, Asmongold stated that he had stopped playing Metroid after learning that Samus Aran was a girl and refused to play her Tomb Raider Games because they have a female protagonist.

The older clip also lets him say he at least respects the “honesty” of male players who “admit” they just like “pretending to be girls.” However, he seems to think that playing as an opposite sex in an MMO is dishonest and otherwise just plain “weird”. And while Asmongold is entitled to his opinions, one might wonder if he would get less backlash if he didn’t frame it with a degree of moral condemnation. However, regardless of Asmongold’s personal feelings about playing as non-male characters, it highlights the problem of having gender-bound classes in an MMO.

Lost Ark is now available on PC.

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