Atomic Heart release date, trailer and gameplay details reveal everything we know


The Atomic Heart teaser surprised players with its setting and players everywhere when it was first released. At first glance, the Atomic Heart teaser looks very intriguing and definitely conveys the alternate reality vibes of Black Mirror, Fallout or Stalker, but where it stands different is the storyline that you see in the game can .

Atomic Heart takes you back to the Soviet era and turns reality on its head as the mass-produced robots set off to take on humans. These robots were once created by humans to help and serve, but the turn of events caused them to rebel against the same humans.

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It is a first person shooter game set in Soviet Union era where special agent P3 is sent to uncover the real story and also face the robots who are trying to end the world.

What makes Atomic Heart an extremely interesting game is how it is set around the history and events of the Soviet Union era. The creators were fascinated and inspired by the real events that took place in the USSR, in particular the death of Leonid Brezhnev or commonly known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

According to Mundfish CEO Robert Bagratuni, “The USSR was famous for its brilliant engineers and advanced scientific research, while at the same time some research institutes in the atmosphere of secrecy could easily create robots and zombies, absolutely everything”.

Atomic Heart release date

With Atomic Heart, Bagratuni wants to delve deeper into the game world, which is already stuffed with all sorts of weird things.

Atomic Heart release date

Atomic Heart’s release date is yet to be determined, but a Mundfish posted an updated FAQ in late 2021 suggesting a release in the coming months.

When asked about the release date, Bagratuni said “In general, we are unable to give you a release date at this time due to a million small nuances, starting with factors beyond our control.”

However, he also said, “But you should know… never before have we been able to say, ‘The game is done, now it’s in the polishing and final assembly stages.’ And recently we said this sentence – and it is true. The long wait will soon be over, I promise.”

Atomic Heart will be available on which platforms?

Good news for fans as Atomic Heart will be a cross-gen title and players will be able to play it on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Atomic Heart trailer

In the Atomic Heart 2021 trailer, fans can see what the game and storyline will actually look like. The trailer hints at various aspects of the game such as the environment, weapons, enemies, and more.

However, Atomic Heart’s official teaser 3 reveals a lot more about the game. While the trailer mainly revolves around the special agent P-3, his appearance, movements and special abilities, it also shows what the enemies will look like. A statue of a woman hanging from the ceiling and enemies that look a lot like zombies, the trailer also shows the interesting interior setting, balconies and mirrors.

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South Park Season 25 Release Date Announced: Will It Be Extended For Season 30? If we talk about the gameplay, fans can enjoy fighting, exploration and crafting. With the main motive of finding out something about the really important research facility, the player has to fight an army of killer robots throughout the game. While uncovering the truth, Special Agent P3 will gather a lot of information and visit several test sites and research facilities.

There will be at least six different environments in which to play the game, and players will also be able to craft weapons using the crafting system. There is a huge variety of over 30 melee and firearm options to create and modify.

Mudfish wants to encourage players not only to fight but also to use strategy to take over the enemies. Stealth and forethought with a lot of planning and studying enemy behavior can only help players win the game.

Players hope to get relevant information about the release date soon but don’t believe the rumours. Let the fun begin!


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