Attorney Mitchell Kossoff faces legal proceedings following his disappearance


Mitchell Kossoff (iStock, Kossoff, PLLC / Illustration by Kevin Rebong for The Real Deal)

Three other landlords have alleged real estate attorney Mitchell Kossoff owed them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Kossoff, the managing partner of Kossoff PLLC, has been unavailable for both his partners in the firm and his clients for several days. The only true Reported Wednesday. Its disappearance has raised questions about the whereabouts of its millions of customers.

A lawsuit and two confessions have now been filed against Kossoff and his law firm of the same name with the Supreme Court of New York State. That is in addition to a separate lawsuit previously reported TRDwho accuses the company of “potentially criminal acts” that constitute a “serious breach of duty”.

Kossoff PLLC did not respond to a request for comment.

The second lawsuit was filed by SSM Realty Group, an investment firm in Huntington, New York, alleging breach of contract and loyalty to Kossoff. According to the complaint, the company transferred $ 2 million to Kossoff PLLC to be held in trust when it attempted to close down a property in Greenwich Village at 17 Gay Street. The company has loaned the law firm and Kossoff an additional $ 300,000.

In February, according to the complaint, SSM asked Kossoff to return at least $ 1.5 million of the funds held in trust, but the attorney allegedly declined. In March, Kossoff returned the plaintiff $ 700,000 but recently fell silent.

“[S]since that time [Kossoff] became more and more difficult to track down, did not return the rest of the trust funds and finally ceased communications with the plaintiff from April 1, 2021, ”the complaint said.

The complaint also alleges wrongdoing by Kossoff, who reportedly had “exclusive control” over the escrow account. According to the complaint, Kossoff “deliberately and wrongly” refused to return the funds in trust before his disappearance.

SSM Realty Group is still entitled to $ 1.3 million from its escrow account and a balance of $ 190,902 from the $ 300,000 loan.

SSM Realty Group lawyers did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

These allegations are similar to the lawsuit brought by Westchester-based investor Rob Yaffa, who says Kossoff’s law firm never sent him money related to a recent property sale. Yaffa said Kossoff went AWOL instead.

In two other cases, Kossoff has signed confessions of judgment, whereby he assumes the agreed liability and amount of damage. The first suggests he owes $ 461,788.81 while the other suggests $ 222,140.06.


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