Best Reddit Apps to Download in iOS, Android in 2022 | RIF, RedReader and MORE


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Here are the most recommended Reddit apps to download for Android and iOS this year.

Reddit, the front page of the internet, has helped many people who have many questions on their minds. This news collection site presents a variety of interesting topics for discussion around the world.

Whether it’s about science, religion, games and more, you can find several forums that might suit your preferences. Thanks to dedicated Reddit apps, diving into your favorite subreddit just got even easier.

Today we are going to discuss the best Reddit apps to use in iOS and Android in 2022. Here’s what to look for.

Joey for Reddit

First on the list is the Joey For Reddit app. This application has many features that can be used, especially for users who want to take note of specific comments on the subreddit.

You can also get notifications when a new comment appears in the section. In addition, you are free to hide the past posts you have already seen via Cellular News.

The premium subscription can be quite expensive for a user. However, you can read ad-free subreddits for just $19.99.

Additionally, this app is considered to be one of the best performing Reddit apps on Android. On top of that, it might take you a little time to learn how to use Joey For Reddit, but once you learn how to master it, you can customize this app forever.

Download here: Android

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This Reddit app might be your safe bet for now since it is an open source app. Interestingly, it offers ad-free service and convenient usability for all users.

Other than that, the interface is easy to use, not to mention easy readability that you can take advantage of while browsing the subreddits on the platform.

Download here: Android


RIF or Reddit is Fun is indeed a good candidate for the best Reddit app that Android users usually prefer. Its design borrows a mixed application of traditional and modern features that you can enjoy through its interface.

You can also enjoy various features like commenting, voting, and liking subreddits. The amazing thing here is that you can do all of this at no extra cost.

Recently RIF added a new update that now allows a user to enable the home screen display, hence the widget and tablet support.

Download here: Android

Commet for Reddit

For iOS users, this Reddit app is an ideal choice, especially if you have used Apollo before. Although the original Reddit app is decent, iPhone visitors often rely on this app for its customizability.

You can also take advantage of multiple account support if you manage multiple accounts at the same time.

Download here: iOS

Bacon Reader

BaconReader tops the list for both iOs and Android. This Reddit app lets you view karma points, not to mention its ability to upvote or downvote a topic. This is also its closest resemblance to the web version of Reddit.

Getting rid of ads is worth $19.99, but the benefits you’ll get are top notch.

Download here: Android and iOS

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