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COLUMBIA, SC, U.S., June 21, 2021 / – Columbia, SC, June 21, 2021: The author has for the first time woven a masterful fictional tale of deception and intrigue surrounding a rebirth of the British royal family. Dr. Audrey Miller, a professional obstetrician and gynecologist, writes an exciting story about the Succession Act, which favors the first-born man instead of the first-born child.

“Miller’s captivating debut takes readers on a tumultuous journey of mystery and betrayal against the backdrop of royal intrigue.” – BookLife

Drawn to a tabloid headline, Miller devised BIRTH ORDER while queuing at the grocery store reading stories about pregnant Catherine (Kate), Duchess of Cambridge. Was she expecting a boy, a girl, or maybe twins? What if the girl was born first? Miller’s imagination and her pen went into high gear.

“The entire firstborn system in the UK was turned upside down when the 1701 settlement was changed by Queen Elizabeth II in 2013 and the future monarch would now be the firstborn child instead of the firstborn man,” Miller said. “The consequences of the change could affect the entire UK peerage system and end generations of male dominance in high-profile and influential families. Imagine the efforts royal courtiers would make to maintain the status quo – to keep control of the men. “

“In this conspiracy story about the British monarchy, modernity and tradition meet.” – Kirkus reviews

Miller’s characters take the reader on a wild ride, exploring the birth of a royal family, family struggles for power, money, and royal recognition, and the increasingly ethnically diverse landscape that encroaches on the life of the landed gentry.

“As a black writer, I also wanted BIRTH ORDER to address racial differences and perceptions in the UK,” Miller said. “While Britain does not suffer from the generations of slavery and Jim Crow laws that plague the US to this day, Britain is definitely not immune to racial tension.”

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About the author: Audrey Miller is a practicing obstetrician / gynecologist with a very lively imagination. Audrey has combined her keen powers of observation with fast-paced storytelling to tell scandalous stories about beautiful people. Audrey lives in South Carolina and loves to travel, read the tabloids, mix cocktails and lounge with her beloved basset hound Otis.

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