Book Of Travels Early Access starts now in October



Might And Delight’s “tiny multiplayer online RPG” Book Of Travels has set a new start date for early access after its recent delay. As M&D previously assured fans, the waiting time is actually shorter than I feared. Your leisurely online RPG is now entering Early Access on October 11th, with plans to work towards a full launch in two years.

Might And Delight says they have now fixed those three nasty bugs that players found during the closed beta and are ready to commit to the mid-October date. They have put together a new version of their launch date trailer here to prove it.

Book Of Travels’ RPG bits sound inspired by the stuff of pen-and-paper adventures. You create a character with their own quirks and flaws that affect your game. You even have a free text field on your character sheet to write a nice background story. The magic of the world comes from special tees and knots, a nice and down to earth approach to the usual explosive fantasy stuff of other RPGs. The fight sounds high, but avoidable, perhaps suitable for a relaxed role play. M & D’s lead programmer, Jens Berglind, came up with some details of the conflict during an interview at the Nordic Game Conference in August.

As a former MMO bon vivant who has lost appetite lately, I’ve been pretty interested in what M&D will look like the TMO elements of Book Of Travels. Book Of Travels will have a symbol-based communication system instead of text chat and will feature relatively infrequent meetings between players. It’s a comparison to Journey, another nice exploration game with low pressure and infrequent player meetups.

All the more so since Thatgamecompany has also tried a kind of lite MMO. Sky: Children Of The Light is only available on phones and switches so far, so you’ll forgive me the mention, but I’ve been playing for the last month to see if the mini MMO thing is feels how I want. It generally does! I’m still a sucker for daily quests and activities and everything, but it largely eliminates the need to maximize a character – a practice of hyper-optimization that I just never had the stomach for in MMOs. I’m very interested in seeing how M & D’s mini MMO differs from TGC’s. With at least two on the table, I may be able to grant my wish that tiny MMOs become the next big thing.

A special online game function that Book Of Travels will take on is a seasonal structure. They haven’t gone into the details of each of the seasons (chapters, M&D call them), but in today’s announcement post they reveal two important facts. Chapter Zero will run for the entire duration of the early access phase, which, according to M&D, should last two years.

It seems like a hefty estimate, although the line between a full launch online game that is updated over the years and one that technically starts in Early Access seems increasingly meaningless anyway. Over these two years, M&D plan to add a number of features including playable instruments, three times the map size, pets, cooking, new story events, more skills, and much more.

You can find Book Of Travels on Steam, where it will finally be released in Early Access on October 11th.



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