Britain steps up arms shipments to Ukraine to stave off Vladimir Putin’s attack


Bde Wallace, the defense secretary, says Russia has succeeded in “only one” of its goals and has failed in other goals – “to prevent total air supremacy.”

“President Putin’s arrogant assumption that he would be welcomed as a liberator has deservedly collapsed as quickly as his troops’ morale. For our part, Mr Sprecher, the UK continues to play a leading role in supporting Ukraine.

“As the conflict intensifies, the Russians are changing their tactics, so the Ukrainians must do the same.”

He attacks the “indiscriminate and murderous” airstrikes on civilians and confirms the government’s decision to investigate the donation of Starstreak, high-velocity man-portable anti-aircraft missiles.

“We believe this system will remain within the definition of defensive weapons, but will allow Ukrainian Armed Forces to better defend their airspace. We will also increase the supply of rations, medical equipment and other non-lethal military aid.”

Mr Wallace says it is “still worth trying to put diplomatic pressure on Russia” while Liz Truss is currently at the G7 and met with Ukraine’s ambassador herself this morning.

“President Putin and the Kremlin continue to threaten countries that offer aid to Ukraine. I fear their military campaign will become more brutal and indiscriminate comes to our alliances. As long as we stand together as a house and as an international community, the threats from the Kremlin cannot touch us.”


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