Catch crops, cattle bring life to the no-till farm


The farmer and livestock producer Jordan Reimnitz has recognized the advantages of a complete no-till on his family business.

Reimnitz says he is achieving his ultimate conservation goals by growing cash crops directly into catch crops and by grazing and integrating the cattle on his 1,500 acre farm in Corsica, SD.

“Since everything starts at ground level, building a resilient floor is a big goal of mine,” says Jordan. “Whether in wet or dry or cold or hot conditions, I want a floor that protects me in these situations and is resilient without costing me a harvest.”

Make a difference

Together with his brother Seth and their father Sam, Jordan farms no-till maize, soybeans, wheat, hay and alfalfa, as well as cattle breeding.

Jordan’s father began no-till in the mid-1990s on previously tilled land. Jordan returned to the family business in 2004 and worked for his father for a few years before buying his own land, some of which he did not till to avoid the additional cost of tillage equipment and labor. “Most of the land I bought has only been vacant since I got it, so I had to start improving the soil at Ground Zero,” he says.

“Having this living root out there for as long as possible nourishes the microbial activity in the soil …” – Jordan Reimnitz

But when Reimnitz got involved, he looked at the earth in his fields and thought they needed something else. At first he couldn’t quite tell what it was.

In 2008 …


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