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Upcoming virtual reality game The Callisto released its latest trailer that featured high fidelity graphics along with a mysterious and futuristic environment. The graphics are really impressive, especially when compared to other similar games from indie studios. The Callisto was created with the Unity 3D engine. This made it possible to use highly optimized shaders to achieve the high level of performance required to display VR content smoothly.

If you don’t believe us, check out the trailer below:

The game lets players experience a crime thriller adventure that takes place in the future. In particular, the players take on the role of an interstellar police force investigating a politically motivated triple murder. The title, The Callisto, refers to the hotel on Jupiter’s moon where the murder took place. In the game, players look at the crime scene, collect evidence and even interview witnesses from afar.

The Callisto is based on the lore of the 2017 tabletop RPG known as Cold start. It offers the puzzles of an escape room combined with an interactive storyline. The dynamic puzzle system ensures that every playthrough is unique.

The developer

The game is being developed by GIB Games, a completely remote gaming studio founded during the pandemic. When developing the game, the developers were inspired by various investigation games, such as The return of the Obra Dinn and Fire watch. The developers even thought of Robin Walker, the developer of Half-life: alyx, as her great influence when it came to storytelling.

A demo of the game was first shown during the Game Developer Expo in Ohio last year. There the game received an Honorable Mention in the Audio and Sound Design category.

System requirements

To play the game, you must meet the following minimum PC requirements:

Voice actor

Back to fan, it also revealed the talents that give voice to the game. There’s John McPhee and Jason Kearney. The two play the protagonist duo of the game. Another voice actor is Jon St. John, known to many as the voice behind Duke Nukem.

You can now wishlist the game on Steam here.



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