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Google Keep is one of the most useful apps in the Google ecosystem. I personally use it a lot as it is very convenient to take quick notes on your phone and access it from any device. And now it gets even better as it is added to the list of apps that Material You will use. Prior to the final release of Android 12, which will be out soon, Google has been working on updates to most of its apps to keep Material You and its UI changes, as well as the dynamic headline theme feature, and Google Keep is closing in to this list.

The changes are immediately apparent when you compare them with the current version. The search bar is now pill-shaped, the floating action button is now a rounded square, and most importantly, the colors change with the color palette of your background image. This is the standard treatment other apps with Material You redesigns have received so far. The new version of Google Keep won’t appear to be functionally different, with a lighter makeover compared to other more radical redesigns we’ve seen.

The new version of Keep seems to be widespread at this point – you can see the new UI with the rounded + button on Android 11 if you install the latest version. If you’re using Android 12, you might also get access to some cute new Material You widget designs:

Unfortunately, the new widgets seem to be rolled out gradually (sigh). We saw some users get them with 5.21.361.07.40 and others with the same version keep the old widget designs. The new version of Keep is now on the Play Store, but you can download it from APK Mirror if you don’t see it already.

Material You widgets are displayed

This story has been updated to show that the updated version of the app is available as well as the new widgets for Android 12.

Google Keep - Notes and Lists
Google Keep - Notes and Lists



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