Chrome OS 96 seems to be causing problems with Android apps



Android apps have become a pretty important part of Chrome OS in recent years, doing everything from closing the app void to making Chromebook tablets a viable Android tablet replacement. However, Chrome OS 96 seems to cause problems with Android apps for some users.

About Chromebooks has discovered reports in the past few days pointing to a handful of seemingly random issues, mostly related to Android apps. A thread on Google’s support forums revealed an issue with Android apps that just weren’t working. One user even added that the Play Store is broken even after the update. Apparently a powerwash (reset) can solve many of these problems. 67 problems are flagged in Chrome OS 96 in Google’s bug tracker, but v96 in particular does not seem to cause these problems across the board and only to an above-average number of people.

Google has responded to some of these reports by saying that it is working on addressing known issues.

Thank you again for taking the time to tell us about this inability to launch apps after updating to the M96. Our team is aware of this and is working quickly to resolve this issue.

While many Chromebook owners seem to have Chrome OS 96 already downloaded and installed, Google appears to have paused rollout until a fix was applied, as Google is currently showing Chrome OS 94 as the latest stable release.

Update from December 16: Google has confirmed in a support post that Chrome OS 96 has started rolling out again. The rollout should hit most of the devices in the next few days.

We have found a solution and will be rolling out a new version of M96 on the devices in the next few days. Please try updating your device to resolve this issue and please feel free to provide feedback to our team if this issue persists.

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