Classic Power Menu brings the Power Menu back from Android 11 to Android 12


Android’s power menu has seen a few design changes over the years. Unless you’re following a tech blog like XDA, the changes are a little hard to keep track of – at least before the Android 11 update – largely because this is an area OEMs tailor to their own design aesthetic.

In Android 11, Google decided to add shortcuts to smart home automation to the power menu via the Device Controls API to turn the smartphone into a hub for your smart home. However, the upcoming Android 12 update will replace this nifty power menu with a minimalist one to make room for the “Hold for (Google) Assistant” function. If you’re looking for a way to restore the feature-rich power menu from Android 11 to Android 12, have a look Classic power menu, an app with which you can not only restore device control and the Quick Access Wallet, but also customize the power menu to your liking.

The Classic Power Menu was created by Kieron Quinn, also known in our forums as XDA Recognized Developer Quinny899, and is a versatile power menu replacement for devices with Android 11 and higher. The app allows you to customize your device’s default power menu in a number of ways. For example, you can add buttons to take a screenshot, restart to restore, and restart buttons to the bootloader interface next to the device control module or the Quick Access Wallet feature. It is also possible to design the power menu using Material You’s background image-based design system (code name “monet”) and the background blur.

Remember that the classic power menu requires root access to run. The regular version of the app uses Android’s Accessibility Service to intercept the press of the power button, which means you may face a slight delay or even briefly see the standard power menu before the custom power menu appears . To avoid these shortcomings, the developer has come up with an optional Xposed module that can react faster than the Accessibility Service.

If you’re interested in changing the look of your power menu, check out the app thread below. Classic Power Menu itself is open source, and the source code is available on the developer’s GitHub profile.

Classic power menu: Download ||| XDA discussion thread


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