Code Ninjas Lubbock is offering free programming courses for CSEdWeek 2021



LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – On Monday, December 6th, Code Ninjas Lubbock announced free Hour of Code sessions for children in the Lubbock area as part of Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek).

The world’s largest, fastest growing child programming franchise, in partnership with Microsoft’s MakeCode Arcade platform, helps children create their own video games with no prior programming experience.

CSEdWeek is an international annual initiative aimed at stimulating children to become interested in computer science. Each year, Code Ninjas locations around the world offer kids the chance to try coding for the first time or to try a new way of coding to solve new challenges.

“Our involvement with CSEdWeek enables more children to learn computer science in a comfortable, inviting environment,” said Grant Smith, VP of Education at Code Ninjas. “We want to highlight the importance of coding and computer science education through events like this, and Microsoft MakeCode was the perfect platform for collaboration. In just one hour, some children will learn how to program for the first time. By offering educational experiences to the public, we hope to inspire new ‘ninjas’ to study with us year-round. “

With the Microsoft MakeCode Arcade platform, kids build their own adventures using sprites and tilemap assets to explore various coding concepts. Events, variables, loops and randomization. They build their games step by step as they navigate the different parts of the Hour of Code skill map. The Hour of Code allows children to use their creative problem-solving skills, interactive tools, and programming techniques to aid efforts to tackle the main problem of the topic. This year, participants will develop a game in which players will fly an airplane and put out forest fires.

“We know that students like to have personal learning experiences again. And for CSEdWeek, we can’t think of a better place to discover the fun of programming your own video games than the welcoming environment with supportive teachers at Code Ninjas. Our Save the Forest Hour of Code activity is a great introduction for students who have never programmed before, and we are thrilled that Code Ninjas is bringing it to anyone who wants to learn, ”said Kiki Prottsman, Director of Education for Microsoft MakeCode.

This year’s theme will teach kids how to use technology and computers to fight forest fires in the US, CEO, Code Ninjas.

Code Ninjas is all about fun, so kids will keep coming back. The curriculum is self-taught, but not self-taught; Children receive instant help and encouragement from Code Senseis and other ninjas as they advance from white to black belts in Code Ninjas CREATE’s nine-belt program. Younger kids can join Code Ninjas JR, and all ages can attend summer camps to instill problem-solving and critical thinking skills for tomorrow’s innovators.

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