Constella Intelligence participates in the Dark Web Hackathon of the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative



This month, Constella Intelligence had the privilege of working with the Intelligence initiative to combat trafficking in human beings (ATII) through their recent Dark Web Hackathon, a competition between the technology industry and intelligence workers that aims to gather critical intelligence information on current human trafficking situations.

The competition put over 330 registrants to the test as they worked to find previously undiscovered information on the dark web. Participants used a variety of intelligence platforms, including Constella’s Hunter Investigation Platform, To gather information. Hunter integrates with Hades, ATII’s licensed intelligence platform, enabling additional detection and intelligence capabilities. The Hunter platform is used by businesses, law enforcement, and technology journalists such as: Brian Krebs who recently published a story on how he used Hunter to track the digital footprints of cybercriminal broker Babam.

What went down

The 330 registrants are spread across 58 teams of people from the technology and law enforcement industries who are supposed to jointly search for important information on the dark web. The teams “hunted” for information on a variety of illegal activities, from child exploitation to ransomware to financial and drug crime.

Several challenges were carried out during the five-day event that resulted in thousands of submissions of critical information that could lead to the detection and detection of illegal activity on the darknet. In particular, the Hash Challenge, which focused on tracking child sexual abuse material on the dark web, had 2,898 submissions. After the competition, third-party sources analyzed the information, much of which has not yet been discovered. These submissions are used by ATII and law enforcement agencies to further detect and combat human trafficking and other illegal activities online.

Participant testimonial
“Our team received thousands of selectors, including Bitcoin addresses, emails and IP addresses, and conducted an investigation over five days that resulted in 4 detailed intelligence reports, including potential indications of human trafficking, CSAM and terrorism.”

Fight against cybercrime

Together, the 330 attendees have field experience in 40 countries and encompass a diverse mix of attendees from industrial veterans to university students.

The Dark Web Hackathon used real human trafficking data at the events, and the results of the competition will provide law enforcement agencies with additional evidence of pursuing illegal crimes and suspects. In addition to testing the skills and abilities of industry experts, the event provides resources to help protect our communities and support ATII’s efforts to fight cybercrime and human trafficking around the world.

Constella is proud to have partnered with ATII at this important event and to work together to combat human trafficking through the use of Investigation platform Constella Hunter.

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