Death Stranding Director’s Cut downgrades monster energy drinks to private label



Death stranding is full of product placements. We already know that before it came out. When it was released, gamers discovered a variety of other, less obvious, real product ads, such as Norman Reedus’s biker travelogue show.

But none was more blatant than Monster Energy Drinks, which not only appear everywhere in the game, but are also integrated into a game mechanic: Drinking them increases Sam’s stamina. Given that Death Stranding is all about traveling great distances to deliver packages, persistence is a crucial element.

the Death Stranding Director’s CutComing to PS5 tomorrow, adds a host of new missions and new items, and refines existing mechanics. But there is more, because for some reason Kojima and Co. have decided to remove Monster Energy Drinks from the game.

Monster cans have now been replaced with a generic in-game brand called Bridges Energy – or more precisely Bridg

Hirun Cryer, who played the game for us, called the Director’s Cut “Kojima’s most rampant game so far” and snapped a few screenshots of this unusual change.

It is not exactly clear why this was done. Monster was believed to have benefited from its inclusion in the original release; This gave the company’s share price a decent boost. But it can also be that the contract has ended.

Nonetheless, it’s another quirky Kojima thing, although that may mean we’ll see Bridges Energy in the wild as a limited release one day.



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