Delete these 15 APPS from your Android phone now or you will be wasted



New Delhi: Tatyana Shishkova, an analyst at cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, used Twitter to alert Android phone users to the return of the powerful Joker malware on the Google Play Store. Shishkova found that the Joker malware infects at least 14 Android apps. The Joker malware made a splash last year after infecting multiple apps. To protect users, Google had to step in and remove these apps. But it looks like the malware is back on the Google Play Store. Some of the apps infected with the Joker malware are quite popular, with over 50,000 installs, while Shishkova’s list includes other little-known apps as well. (Malware is back)

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What is Joker malware and what does it do?

Joker malware infects popular apps on the Google Play Store and invades the user’s phone while the apps are being downloaded. The Joker malware can get into the Google Play Store with small changes to its code and bypass the security and control of the Play Store. It’s pretty stubborn and keeps popping up a lot. It was first discovered in 2017, and Google has been working hard for years to keep users safe from this malware. (Malware is back)

Malware is so dangerous

In terms of payload, the Joker malware steals money from users by stealthily subscribing to online services without their knowledge. It is able to automatically click on online advertisements and can even access OTPs from SMS to secretly accept payments. The user also does not find out that he has subscribed to a service online without checking the bank details.

Remove These 15 Apps From Android Phone (Malware Is Back)

  1. simple PDF scanner
  2. scan qrcode now
  3. Super click VPN
  4. Volume booster louder sound equalizer
  5. Battery charging animation bubble effects
  6. Smart TV remote control
  7. Volume increasing hearing aid
  8. Flashlight flash alarm on call
  9. Halloween colors
  10. classic emoji keyboard
  11. Superhero effect
  12. glossy keyboard
  13. Emojione keyboard
  14. Battery charging animation wallpaper
  15. Blender Photo Editor-Simple photo background editor



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