Delete these Android apps before they slowly bankrupt you


While Android malware is by no means a new threat to the billions of active users around the world, it really does feel like the platform’s security issues are only getting worse over time as bad actors continue to improve their devastating methods and Google it simply is not doing enough to protect you.

Top Navigation and Advice Photo Power were developed by the same undoubtedly bogus company called “Tsaregorotseva” and managed over 500,000 and 1,000,000 users respectively.

Of course, much of the blame also lies with the users who didn’t anticipate the threat, even after a number of reviews highlighted the “total scam” and “fake ad” tactics of at least one of the two apps in question.

In short, both generically named and seemingly useful apps had the same insidious goal of subscribing users to bogus services without their consent or knowledge in order to drain a few dollars (or euros, or pounds) from their bank accounts every week.

Of course, that can add up to a lot of money after a while. So, if the above two titles sound familiar to you, you should check your Android phones and click Uninstall as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, that’s not all Dr.Web researchers found wrong on Google Play in January, as a number of other threats attempted (and in many cases presumably succeeded) to steal personal information, passwords, phone numbers, and even Facebook accounts from a to steal number of users, which is impossible to estimate.

Of course, the end game for the vast majority of these trojans was money as well, targeting everything from bank accounts to credit cards and cryptocurrencies using various deception mechanisms. Without going into too much detail, here are a few other apps that you need to delete immediately if you happen to find them on your Android devices:

  • Upload your phone
  • Morph faces
  • Power photo studio
  • Launcher iOS 15
  • Adorn Photo Pro
  • chain reaction
  • TOH
  • Invest Gaz earnings
  • Gazprom invest
  • Gaz investor

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