Destiny fans made it into a D&D tabletop RPG


With the next Destiny 2 expansion looming on the horizon, curses hissing and lies weaving, you can continue your adventures so far beyond Bungie’s official narrative in a pen and paper adaptation. Fans have turned the MMOFPS into a tabletop RPG that builds on the rules of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition to create Dungeons & Destiny. It’s free, it just released a new version, and it’s very impressive.

D & Destiny uses the rules of D&D 5e to have players tell their own stories about Guardians, go on their own adventures, loot their own weapons, and dance on their own defeated corpses. In addition to translating Destiny space magic spells into D&D rules, it even offers a number of Destiny weapon perks. And along with the usual Human, Awoken, and Exo options, D & Destiny Guardians can be Cabal, Eliksni (Fallen), Krill (Hive), Psion, or a single Vex. D2 is developing into a super club of super friends, so why not join us right away?

The project was originally started by Stacy “Good Game Kitty” Poor, supported by a Patreon, and has since attracted artists and designers and other talented people. This can be seen in the newly published latest edition of the Player’s Guidebook, which is absolutely chic as a PDF with a chic layout and lots of high-resolution graphics. It looks real. After an initial publication for Patreon supporters, this is now publicly available on Google Drive.

You will also find a character sheet, the Architect’s Guide, a bestiary, and some little “origin story” adventures to get fresh guards out of their graves. Not all of these documents are as complete and polished as the player’s manual (at least not yet), but they do contain words and numbers that you will need.

My imagination is too distracted for role-playing games, but I’m totally impressed by it. Well chic. I know some tabletopers aren’t particularly keen on D&D rules, but hey, it’s the system a lot of people try out first. Perhaps not the friendliest or most creative system, but it’s a familiar one – which, oddly enough, can make D&D a relatively accessible foundation.

Please visit the Dungeons & Destiny website for more information. To get into the homebrew spirit, players have created their own additions like Darkness and SIVA subclasses, many of which you can find on the D & Destiny Reddit board.

Destiny 2, meanwhile, concludes the penultimate season before the Witch Queen expansion hits next year. Season Of The Splicer was a good thing and has taken surprisingly big strides to move the story forward – many of which we actually saw in-game instead of just reading about it in Lorebooks. It’s been some nice growth moments for our space friends over the season and all; I knew Saint-14 was really a good boy.

The yet to be revealed next season kicks off on August 24th and Bungie is expected to talk more about The Witch Queen after that. There are lots of interesting supposed leaks and spinfoil theories around that I honestly try to avoid.


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