Discover inner strength and embrace success with The Power Within Training


Co-founders James and Enas Fleming

Every great leader has their unique story of how they made it to the top – but belief in yourself remains a constant factor and it is such personal confidence that The Power Within Training aims to instill in all of its clients.

Leadership development training is common, often challenging, and can make a real difference in skill and career building. There is only one big mistake. Much of the information given to learners goes in one ear and out the other.

Statistically, people only remember 10-15% of what they’re taught.

To get around this problem, the lesson needs to be memorable and compelling, and the way to do that is by telling a really good story.

It’s a philosophy that pays off significantly for a Scottish company involved in this business. The Power Within Training, a company based in Eurocentral near Motherwell, has developed techniques that produce remarkable results.

“When you come into one of our courses, we structure it so that we tell stories all the time,” says James Fleming, his co-founder.

“This means that 97% of participants are either using the information right now or are still using it 12 months later.”

Power Within Training has achieved remarkable growth, largely because it is the world’s first organization of its kind to use a system called Motivational Intelligence (MQ), a Nobel Prize-winning offering that has been called the third and most influential tier of human intelligence.

It was also named as one of the ten most promising scientific discoveries of the 20th century. James, who runs the company with his Yemeni-born wife and co-founder Enas, is a Glasgow native who built his career in Dubai, where he worked as a senior director for an international oil and gas company.

He started as an engineer, rose to middle management and then completed a leadership training course in 2007. “It literally changed my life forever,” he recalls. “It was a dramatic moment in my career that started.”

The company transitioned him from engineering and operations to a role in human resources, where he worked in career development and talent management.
In two years, he has taken his region – the Middle East – from the bottom to the top of the world in terms of performance in these areas.

He was then put back into the business, but no longer enjoyed it. “I suppose the flame was lit to help people build their careers and help leaders focus on what matters most to them.

“It just clicked in my head and I thought I could create a really strong business program for the Scottish economy. Whenever I came home from Dubai I felt like the UK economy never moved forward. I thought I could really make a difference.”

James returned to Scotland in 2016. “I have been researching and studying successful people, including people in my organization, for several years up to this moment.
“I quickly realized that her success has always been down to her own confidence.”

The Power Within was created the following year, face to face with trainees in hotels and other venues. The business model has changed dramatically with the Covid pandemic in 2020.

“Everything we offer is bespoke – we don’t do courses that everyone else offers.

“So I was wondering if we could start again. We emptied our bank account, went digital and started creating new content.

“We started selling to places like Dubai, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the UK rather than just the Scottish market.

“We did really well. We put the content online, created videos and the business grew and grew. We are now a global company.”

James’ core offering of Motivational Intelligence is still new and largely unknown in the mainstream.

“Emotional intelligence is a buzzword in every management leadership course. However, science has discovered that people are not only driven emotionally, but rather by their inner motivations.

“That’s why we’ve developed a course called Leading with Motivational Intelligence, which is available as an SQA-approved Executive Diploma. We are an SQA training provider.”

Discover inner strength and embrace success with The Power Within Training

The Power Within Training is a Skills Development Scotland (SDS) training provider and a Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) approved training organization.

Other key products it offers to the leadership development market include self-leadership development, a Multi Trade Leadership Academy and a Business Growth Academy, all certified by the CPD.

The company is also a major provider of business growth and leadership development training to colleges across Scotland through the Flexible Workforce Development Fund (FWDF).

This allows companies across the country to access motivational intelligence training for free. James said: “If you are a business owner who would like access to this fully funded training, please email or give my team a call.”

“It’s really all proprietary,” adds James. “One must first be able to lead oneself before one can learn to lead others. We take people on a completely different journey than other management or leadership training courses.

“The beauty of almost everything we do now being digital is that we can run courses with participants in different locations – for example someone in London, someone in Manchester and someone in Wick. And they all participate in a cohort. That’s really incredible.”

Learn to weed out negativity to achieve excellence

Motivational Intelligence (MQ) is a powerful tool in the arsenal of leadership training. We’ll likely be hearing a lot more about it in the years to come.

It is considered the third and most influential level of human intelligence and is the most important differentiator between successful and struggling people.

The Power Within Training co-founders James and Enas Fleming are pioneers of Motivational Intelligence (MQ)

Motivational intelligence can help explain why some people stick to a task while others give up as soon as they encounter the slightest obstacle.

Understanding the inner motivators within yourself and focusing on those traits or traits can indeed guarantee success and is the common thread in any great human triumph or endeavor.

Training in motivational intelligence is based on modern social psychology.

It can be seen affecting the five critical areas of Accountability, Adaptability, Resilience, Initiative and Courage.

How we process information in our brain starts in MQ before moving on to Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and IQ.

The theory states that people with a higher MQ find fewer excuses, adapt more quickly, deal with adversity more effectively, act more productively, and are more embracing of change.

This makes Motivational Intelligence an incredibly powerful and valuable tool for personal development. The Power Within uses it as the foundation for a transformative learning program that delivers results and achieves unparalleled acceptance and recommendation rates from participants.

The Power Within Training only offers classes with a maximum of 20 people, which keeps the sessions powerful and intimate.

They are also offered in relatively small pieces that use storytelling techniques and last a maximum of three hours each.

Participants complete work assignments between sessions to review what they have learned.
The length of the courses varies from a total of eight hours for sales and leadership to 45 to 50 hours for leadership with motivational intelligence.

“Most people – including me in the past – take a class and they love it. But when they return to work, they forget almost everything they were taught.

“With our courses, we 100 percent guarantee that if it doesn’t change your life, we’ll give you your money back. Not just your business or your leadership, but your life – the way you speak to your children or your wife. You cannot unlearn what we teach.”

Co-founder James Fleming believes the future is very bright for his company.

“We are growing and growing at an incredible pace – we now have a great team of experts and are hiring some compelling and talented people.

“We want everyone in the UK to have access to what we teach. I see us as a $15-20 million company over the next three to five years.”


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