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ROCHESTER, NY, November 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – DSS, Inc. (“DSS” or the “Company”) (NYSE American: DSS), a multinational company that has businesses in blockchain security, direct marketing, and Healthcare operates, consumer packaging, real estate, renewable energy and securitized digital assets, today announced the launch of the DSS AmericaFirst Quantitative Fund.

DSS AmericaFirst Quantitative Funds is a series of mutual funds managed by DSS Wealth Management, Inc. DSS AmericaFirst Quantitative Funds currently consists of four investment funds: DSS AmericaFirst Income Trends Fund (Nasdaq: AFPAX; AFPUX; AFPIX), DSS AmericaFirst Defensive Growth Fund (Nasdaq: DGQAX; DGQUX; DGQIX), DSS AmericaFirst Risk-On Risk-Off Fund ( Nasdaq: ABRFX; ABRUX; ABRWX) and DSS AmericaFirst Large Cap Buyback Fund (Nasdaq: SBQAX; SBQUX; SBQIX). The Funds seek to outperform their respective benchmark indices by using a quantitative, rules-based approach to security selection.

“Our funds use breakthrough technology to give investors access to innovative quantitative investment opportunities,” said Frank D. Heuszel, CEO of DSS. “We see significant growth opportunities in each of these platforms, as we benefit from the establishment and expansion of an established sales infrastructure.”

DSS American Quantitative Funds was established with the approval of the shareholders of DSS Wealth Management as the registered investment advisor (“RIA”) for all funds within the AmericaFirst Quantitative Funds Trust (“Trust”). In September 2021, with the approval of the Board of Trustees of the Trust and its shareholders, DSS Securities. Inc. (“DSSS”) became the trust’s new RIA. Upon completion of the transfer, the trust was renamed DSS AmericaFirst Quantitative Trust. In its role as RIA, DSSS earns fees for each Fund which are calculated as a percentage of the average daily net assets.

About DSS, Inc.

DSS is a multinational company with businesses in blockchain security, direct marketing, healthcare, consumer packaging, real estate, renewable energy and securitized digital assets. The business model is based on a distribution sharing system in which shareholders receive shares in their subsidiaries, as DSS creates strategic value through IPO spin-offs. Under new management since 2019, DSS has created the necessary basis for sustainable growth through the acquisition and formation of a diversified portfolio of companies in order to increase profitability in five high-growth sectors. These companies offer innovative, flexible and practical solutions that not only meet customer needs, but also create sustainable value and opportunities for transformation.

More information about DSS can be found at http://www.dsssecure.com.

Investor contact:

Dave Gentry, CEO
RedChip Companies Inc.
[email protected]

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