Dual SIM support for Android Auto with a new update (finally!)



Android Auto is now getting a very useful and highly anticipated feature and that is dual SIM support. reports XDA developer. The latest update to the Android Auto app adds support for phones with dual SIM, and the change was first spotted by Reddit users u / abhi052091.

Android Auto gets dual SIM support

The new update of the popular app for cars now brings a pop-up window in which you can choose which SIM card you want to call from. Before the new update, Android Auto will use your default SIM to start a call, even if your phone has dual SIM support.

Back in September, Google announced that dual SIM support for Android Auto would be available. Only now does the feature finally come to the users. This new feature comes with Android Auto app version 7.1.614554. The version should be available in Google Play Store.

Android Auto, as well as its alternative for iOS users, Apple Car Play, are systems that connect your phone to your car so you can make and receive calls, use navigation, and other features while you drive, without having to touch your phone, whatever Prevents you from being distracted while driving.

Google managed to make Android Auto the preferred choice for drivers: the search giant claims there are currently over 100 million cars using Android Auto wirelessly. These numbers only apply to vehicles that are factory-equipped with such capabilities, and in reality this number can be even higher with upgrades that include wireless connectivity support.



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