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The first VIRTUAL FLAG exercise, dedicated to training command and control of the Joint Air Ground Integration Center, was successfully completed at the 705th Combat Training Squadron’s Distributed Mission Operation Center on Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico, May 23-27. August carried out.

The DMOC developed, integrated and successfully executed VF: JAGIC C2 with the support of Airmen from the 505th Command and Control Wing, Detachment 1 in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

The exercise was designed specifically for the JAGIC training audience, which included a mix of active service from the US Air Force and Airmen from the 13th, 148th and 168th Air Support Operations Squadrons and US soldiers from the 28th Infantry Division. The conceptual Marine Air Operation Center (MAOC) of the US Marine Corps, tactical C2 elements from the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, virtually participated in the first training event of its kind, which provided multi-layered airspace conflicts for attack, intelligence and C2 platforms.

The DMOC is the USAF’s hub for distributed combat training exercises and tests. War fighters at locations around the globe that are connected via the DMOC face realistic threat scenarios in order to practice tactics and procedures. The DMOC architecture integrates virtual and constructive simulations across different networks to support a synthetic combat chamber that models weapons, C2 and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems.

“VF: JAGIC C2 provided the entire training audience with the ability to interact with the common elements of the theater air control system with minimal additional staffing for high demand / low density facilities,” said 2nd Lt. Rachel Pohl, VF: JAGIC C2 Technical Director. “Through the DMOC, VF: JAGIC C2 connected geographically separated common units from all over the country so that each could interact with one another via weapon system simulators at their home stations.”

While the VFs of the DMOC are known for their success in the practice of various tactical-operational weapon systems, VF: JAGIC C2 was the first time that the JAGIC became the main training audience.

“The goal of VF: JAGIC C2 was to integrate and provide DMO capabilities to prepare combat aircraft for combat in a common environment. targeted development of tactics, techniques and procedures through a first networked system called JTAGSS [Joint Theater Air-Ground Simulator System]Said Lt. Col. Lindsay Post, 705th CTS Commander. “Nobody dies in a virtual exercise, but they learn how to survive, thrive, and win in a real battle.”

The 505th CCW, Det 1, is the resident liaison of the USAF Warfare Center with the Combined Arms Center and the US Mission Command Training Program in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. 505th CCW, Det 1 Airmen are seasoned observers, trainers, and trainers preparing a variety of USAF Liaison and C2 elements – including those within JAGIC – for future global operations through MCTP training events such as warfighter drills. Det 1 Airmen, consisting of intelligence, C2 and tactical air control experts, used their experience during VF: JAGIC C2 to emphasize and teach the JAGIC training audience.

Det 1 members who worked within the DMOC directed the Operational Assessment Cell to fill a wide range of support roles during the exercise. Detachment Airmen provided hands-on coaching and training for joint fire integration of USAF and US JAGIC personnel, using many virtual and engineered USA fire support systems such as High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems and MQ-1C Gray Eagles, as well as USAF air-to-ground attack platforms were used including A-10s, F-35s and B-52s. By observing mission execution, Det 1 Airmen developed focus points for debriefing missions that improved JAGIC members’ procedural control skills, aerial bans coordination and post-strike assessment processes in a large-scale combat environment.

Capt. Matthew Winot, 505th CCW, Det 1, ISR Liaison Officer, never lost sight of his team’s ultimate goal of helping the JAGIC training audience fight VF: JAGIC C2 more effectively than they arrived.

“We, as Det-1 representatives, have coached JAGIC members in multi-domain C2 processes, focusing on the common and coalition-related skills that would likely be used in an LSCO battle,” said Winot. “Especially as ISRLO of Det 1, we coach JAGIC training the audience on how to use traditional and non-traditional ISR assets for the assessment and collection of combat damage, allowing each JAGIC to streamline their teaching-based processes and tactics . “

Col. Michael Goodman, 505th CCW, Det 1 Commander, highlighted the importance of the event: “As [U.S.] Air Force Lead for C2 experiments, training, tests, exercises, evaluation and tactical development, the 505th CCW conducted VF: JAGIC C2 at COMACC [Commander Air Combat Command] Direction to provide a realistic virtual training environment for joint operational and tactical fighters. ”

Goodman continued, “Overall, this has been a huge win to secure our future competitiveness against a competitor close to our peers.”

VF: JAGIC C2 provides a much-needed opportunity to train critically important JAGIC teams if the USA component’s renewed focus on LSCO and the associated advancements in weapon systems has the potential to affect the Theater Air Ground System, Goodman said.

“Modern ground-to-ground component fires can now extend far into the airspace and area of ​​operations that the air component commander for C2 and air defense has always been responsible for,” said Goodman. “These new wildfires are another way of breaking down integrated air defense systems, but first we have to train together to fully realize these effects. VF: JAGIC C2 is our goal to make it possible. “

“VF: JAGIC C2 was an in-depth look at one particular aspect of the larger war that we normally cannot focus on. It’s always built into our larger combat-oriented drills, but this time we’ve got lost in the mud, ”said Lt. Col. Michael Butler, 705th CTS Director of Operations.

VF: JAGIC C2 was best summed up during the hot wash after training by one participant who said, “This is the best exercise we have ever had. We’ve never had the opportunity to be the supported participant and that made all the difference. Nevertheless, we have found that we will have a lot more to do in future JAGIC C2 exercises. “

The 705th CTS reports to the 505th Combat Training Group, Nellis AFB, Nevada, and the 505th Command and Control Wing, based in Hurlburt Field, Florida.

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