Elden Ring network test hacked so modders can add GTA content



A modder imported GTA’s CJ into Elden Ring using the PS4’s jailbreak, which allows players to continue playing their closed network test.

A resourceful modder managed to get the iconic protagonist Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson out Grand Theft Auto San Andreas into it Elden ring with the help of new PS4 hacks that allow players to use the previously time-limited Elden ring Closed network test. In the past few days, it became known that Sony’s PlayStation 4 was jailbroken, which gave hackers permission to run homebrew apps or play any title on the console with ease. This has made it possible for those who want the Elden ring Closed Network Test access to keep playing it, messing around with its files and even dataminen the title to reveal valuable information like spoiled dates and endgame content.


Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Considered one of the greatest games of all time, and its memorable characters and iconic moments have kept the classic PS2-era title timeless. Aside from being overly modified to expand gameplay and improve the quality of life, social media memes and jokes have made players come back and play the title year after year. To support its online popularity, Rockstar Games recently released GTA GIFs to celebrate the newly released Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Editionincluding the remastered version of the popular meme “here we go again“, which is free to use on social media users. Additionally, there is a similar achievement in the game that makes a nod to the meme and requires players to start a new save after they hit 100%.

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Posted on Twitter (via Kotaku), a modder named Submission shared pictures of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas‘CJ imported into Elden ring with the latest PS4 firmware hack. In an accompanying short clip, CJ can be seen roaming The Lands Between, sneaking behind enemies to unleash a brutal stealth animation, interacting with Melina in a short cutscene, and even riding around to attack enemies on horseback. That makes Elden ring one of many AAA titles in which CJ jokingly appeared as the popular protagonist was previously seen modified Breath of the wild and Resident Evil 2.

The Game Awards 2021 crowned the coming Elden ring as his most anticipated game, a win that may have been affected by the most recent network test. Users could apply for the chance to receive a test code for the game that would allow limited access to the title over a weekend. Although you can only play at set times, that is Elden ring Network Test was a resounding success, with countless gamers praising the FromSoftware title for its beautiful open world and impressively deep struggle.

While GTA and Elden ring are very different games, their popularity in the gaming community seems parallel, and the addition of CJ offers a taste of the many mods fans will be creating for the much-anticipated RPG from From Software. Although these mods seem to please the title, players are advised to be vigilant while browsing the internet as the hacked version of the network test means modders will now be extracting Elden ring Spoilers from the last game.

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Elden ring will be released early next year on February 25, 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Source: Submission / Twitter (via Kotaku)

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