Every Netflix app on iPhone and Android has a hidden feature that subscribers miss


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If you’re a Netflix subscriber, then you’ve already paid for a great feature that you might have just scrolled past.

Millions likely missed this Netflix feature — even though it’s on the home page.

Netflix has bundled games In the app for just under a year, and they’re included with your standard membership.

That means you don’t have to spend any extra money to play them.

You can go into your Netflix app and then scroll down. Once you’re a few blocks down, you should see a row titled “N Games.”

“No ads, additional fees, or in-app purchases,” Netflix explains. “Unrestricted access to exclusive games included with your membership.”

When you click and install a game, you’ll need to sign in with your Netflix login. If you don’t have a Netflix membership, you just can’t play.


All of your progress is saved to your Netflix account, so you can play on an iPhone and then switch to an iPad if you like.

And it’s cross-platform, so you can pick up where you left off even on an Android phone.

The only real catch is that you need a device running iOS 15 or later, or Android 8 or later.

There are many games to choose from, with options for both children and adults.

Some big brands are represented, including Heads Up, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story, and SpongeBob: Get Cooking.

There are currently dozens of games and more are being added all the time!


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