Far Cry 6: All About Direct Combat and Stealth!


Welcome to our Far Cry 6: Far Cry 6: All About Direct Combat and Stealth! guide. This part of our Far Cry 6 guide contains combat and stealth tips. You will learn how to keep your character alive while fighting troops and dangerous vehicles, and how to perform a sneak attack.

Far Cry 6: How to fight in a direct combat scenario?

It is possible to run into “Bullet Sponges” which take many turns to kill. Also, not all headshots in Far Cry 6 are instant kills. It is a product of the RPG elements introduced in Far Cry New Dawn. Encountering strong opponents should draw your attention to the region’s rating, which represents the strength of the region’s enemies (the region’s rank steadily increases throughout the campaign). Avoid regions with higher levels than your character as they can be difficult. Keep these in mind (and better equipped) for future reference.

The best way to defeat your opponents is to constantly update your armory with new weapons and prepare for a variety of confrontations. They should have weapons for unarmored targets, armored infantry, and enemy robots. Weapons also have tiers, but you also need to consider their specific abilities, such as: B. Poisoning enemies. You should improve the combat ability of your weapons.

Three things to remember about open gunfights. First, take cover to avoid significant injury while fighting a large number of opponents. Keep in mind that certain covers are breakable and enemies might force you to move by throwing grenades, indicated by an icon.

Second, remember to use the radar to locate your enemies. It can be used to spot opponents coming or trying to flank you. So you have time to reply.

Third and most important, keep an eye on your health bar. Your health regenerates over time, but you can also heal manually (hold Triangle/Y button on controller), which will restore your HP significantly faster. If you don’t have “free cures” right now, try to avoid risky circumstances.

Aside from regular troops, you can encounter elite troops in guarded locations, main missions, or chases. Enemies using launchers can kill or severely injure you with a single shot. Enemies can also set up turrets and shield bearers. Prioritize them and attack them with your best weapons and tech.

You also have to deal with enemy robots and soldiers. Fight them with your own vehicles, ideally armored and armed.

Tanks and attack helicopters are the most dangerous vehicles in battle. They can use rocket/grenade launchers or explosive rounds in other firearms to damage enemy vehicles, although EMP charges (like the Volta Supremo) could immobilize them. Then you can take control or expose them to more bullets (to take over a tank, you need to quickly reach the hatch on its roof).

How to fight with stealth?

Far Cry 6: All About Direct Combat and Stealth!

Aside from the final narrative quest, where detection would set off an alarm and call for reinforcements, no camouflage is required. Whenever possible, it is advisable to approach confrontations stealthily. If you are spotted, only engage in open combat.

Before approaching a new dangerous region, try to conduct a recon with your smartphone. First, it helps you locate and tag enemies so you can follow their movements. It helps you stay hidden and reduces the chances of being startled by an approaching enemy soldier. Rooftops, towers and other high places should always be checked for snipers.

During reconnaissance, you should also tag unoccupied cars, security cameras, and alarms. You can safely destroy the cameras and prevent them from seeing you or your enemies’ bodies. Disabling alerts prevents enemies from contacting reinforcements, but keep in mind that larger enemy locations may have multiple alerts. You must find them all.

Using muted weapons prevents opponents from noticing your presence. Firstly, you can silence some weapons by installing silencers on them (optimally two – for single shots from a long distance and quick shots from a medium distance). You can also use a bow or crossbow, but you won’t be able to shoot quickly with either. They work best when you have time to aim.

Instead of silent firearms, use melee weapons to discreetly slaughter enemies. Use these when you can sneak behind a (single) opponent and search their body. The game also has throwing weapons that are unlocked and used in your current Supremo.

Pets can help you in secret operations. We recommend unlocking the Dachshund Chorizo ​​​​as soon as possible, since its special ability will help you surprise or avoid opponents. However, we think Oluso the Panther is the best stealthy amigo due to her ability to ambush opponents and kill them without warning others.

The HUD in Far Cry 6 displays enemy alert levels. Both when you get close to an enemy’s line of sight and are “detected” and when you notify them, you will be warned. You only have a few seconds to react and silently destroy the warned opponent before he informs everyone else.

There are many techniques to avoid detection. First, look for distinctive stealth gear – chest armor reduces the noise your character makes while traveling. If possible, go to higher elevations, like rooftops, and look for hiding places like dense shrubs where you can wait out a challenging scenario or calmly plan your next move.

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