FFXIV developers are changing the wise man’s job icon after it caused a phobia in some players



Today I learned that trypophobia, a fear or disgust for certain patterns of holes or bumps, is one thing that some people suffer from. The developers of Final Fantasy XIV recently learned the same thing, as the icon for the new Sage job caused trypophobia in some players. The developers have announced that they will change the icon in time for Endwalker’s release date.

“The severity of the reaction varies from person to person, and what it triggers in some may not happen in others,” says director and producer Naoki Yoshida in the announcement. “But regardless of those differences, you’ve given us your serious feedback and there is still time to change things. Given that job symbols are clearly visible in the game and also appear on merchandise items, we decided to redesign the sage symbol. “

The new design is quite similar to the old one – it just fills the holes in three of the four nouliths that represent the magical abilities of the sage.

The official page has already been updated with the new icon, so you can continue surfing there without fear of holes.

Developers have increasingly taken phobic reactions into account when designing their games in recent years. Arachnophobia modes have helped spider scared players enjoy games like Grounded and Satisfactory, and it’s good to see developers continue to respond to these types of issues.

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