Final Fantasy 16: New Ambition Trailer Reveals More About Valisthea’s Kingdoms, Dominators, And Eikons


Square Enix and developer Creative Business Unit III have released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XVI called “Ambition”, which contains many details about the realm of Valisthea, its numerous kingdoms, Eikons and much more.

Since its reveal in 2020, Square Enix has been slowly leaking information about this highly anticipated RPG. With beloved Final Fantasy XIV director and producer Naoki Yoshida in the producing seat of this title, many are excited to see what a single-player mainline Final Fantasy from him and his team will be like. A few trailers have been released detailing this medieval fantasy adventure, and now Square Enix has released a new four and a half minute video to show even more of what to expect.

Check out the new Final Fantasy XVI Ambition trailer below:

As you can see, we’re getting new insights into Valisthea, the world of Final Fantasy XVI, and the individual kingdoms scattered throughout. Here’s what the trailer reveals about each:

  • The Grand Duchy of Rosaria: “A bastion of tradition”
  • The Holy Empire of Sanbreque: “Where ambition is divine”
  • The Dhalmek Republic: “Where luck changes with the desert sand”
  • The Iron Kingdom: “Forged in Faith and Fear”
  • The Kingdom of Waloed: “Indomitable in his isolation”

There’s also the Crystalline Dominion, which according to the official Final Fantasy XVI website “sits in the heart of Valisthea and is built around the tallest of all Mother Crystals, Drake’s Tail”.

“It has been 1,500 years since the fall of our ancestors, and Valisthea has been slowly dying ever since,” reads the trailer description. “Darkness spreads as the day fades to twilight, the mother’s flame is but a flicker now. And when the fringes fade, people flock to the mother crystals.”

The trailer says that in the year 860 the Imperial Army will march on Rosaria and that “out of the slaughter a new shadow will rise to fall on the dominants and foretell their fate, black as night.”

It is clear that some Dominants, humans connected to the power of Eikons who can essentially channel and transform into these beings, are unhappy at being treated and viewed as outsiders in Valisthea. It seems like a riot is brewing, and the trailer calls it a “War of the Eikons.”

“I am pleased to announce that our latest trailer – Ambition – is now live,” Yoshida wrote in a press release. “Rather than focusing on the action like our last reveal, this time we wanted to give the world a deeper look into the story of Final Fantasy XVI and its rich cast of characters – with the Dominants at the forefront and center stage.”

Director Hiroshi Takai writes in the press release that “the team has given their full attention to debugging and final touches as the game moves closer to completion.” He says that now that things are coming together, the game is becoming ” something really special”. I’m inclined to agree if this trailer is anything to go by.

Accompanying today’s trailer, both Yoshida and Takai have each released a statement with more insight into the game’s development and backstory. You can read both in the following tweet:

Final Fantasy XVI is slated for release sometime in summer 2023 on PlayStation 5 and PC. For more information, watch the Awakening reveal trailer here, followed by the Dominance trailer, which aired this summer. Then read our interview with Naoki Yoshida, where we spoke to him about Eikons, boss fights and more.

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