Final Fantasy XIV Community Spotlight: A Feast Reborn 2022


There are so many fantastic locations for role-playing games Final Fantasy 14 that it can be difficult to find time to visit them all. Believe me I’m trying. However, A Feast Reborn offers a great way to get a taste (pun very much intended) of many of the best food RPG venues from North America’s data centers.

This annual food street festival brings together stalls from a variety of venues and throws live music, shows and competitions into the mix. Nyte Snow, the owner of Abbiocco Fine Dining on Diabolos, is responsible for the event and has made sure this year is bigger and better than ever.

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The schedule was packed with fun things to see and do so I made sure to be there from the moment the event started so I could check out as much as possible. It was so great to see the different themed booths, with staff wearing matching uniforms and blending into the mood of things, waving at people, playing with emotes and generally just watching everyone have fun together.


There was a stand for everything. Whether it was tacos, sushi, baked goods or pizza, there was a stand to whet your appetite. Each stall had a limited menu showcasing its hometown; For example, jazz bar The Cat’s Meow had a booth selling various alcoholic beverages. There was plenty of player and vendor role play, but even if you didn’t want to be a part of that side of things you could still enjoy the stalls and the other shows on offer.

I definitely watched the first of two cooking shows. I can’t stress enough how impressed I was with this setup – everything was so perfect – there were countertops for all the students, with the teacher Endo Hotgo taking center stage with his assistant Azenami. All the groceries you needed were provided in-game, but the recipes were for real-world dishes so you could really learn a thing or two! The recipes are everything on the site if you want to try them yourself.

Endo guided everyone through the cooking of the recipes, and while I didn’t attend myself, I enjoyed watching the class from the sidelines. I wasn’t the only one either. More than one friendly stranger stopped by and shared their food with me as we watched, including an adorable little cookie-eating Lalafell.

That’s one of the things I love most about these community events, everyone is so friendly and it’s all too easy to get carried away by the festive atmosphere, even with strangers. People went around trading freebies with others to add to the celebrations, sharing minions and food. I met so many friendly players for the first time and even ran into some familiar faces such as: Fruity snacks from the Eorzean Aquarium and Ahro’zi Zhimsa by Esprit.

Several bands and bards played music throughout the evening including Final Fantasia, Dark Matter and Nier themed group The Broken [W]ings – who played a bunch of my favorite Halloween themed songs to name a few. Whichever end of the storyline you were at, you could hear bard music playing in the background and just soak up the sounds.

One of the funniest parts of the evening came from everyone suddenly disconnecting from the NA data centers. It was a struggle to get back in, with some players having ongoing issues while others (like me) managed to bounce back relatively quickly. What made it so hilarious was how everyone at the event took it in their own way, and it became one of the highlights of the evening, with many citing it as the Thanos snap. I logged back in to see vendors shouting, “Did you survive the rapture? Come and get a taco!” and “Did your friends just get caught? Get some alcohol to deal with the loss!”

Macro dance troupe Esprit had their first major performance at Crystal’s Data Center at A Feast Reborn. As one of the later events, it came after the snap, but luckily most of the troupe survived, so the show went on with a few minor changes. After securing a front row seat, I settled in to see what the team had in store.

I know I’ve said this many times, but the attention to detail and work that goes into every Esprit number is impressive. Two of my personal favorites were Robbie Williams’ Candy, where the outfit changes perfectly timed the song and paint emote, and Lady Gaga’s LoveGame, where the dancer used Blue Mage and her cane perfectly as a “disco stick.”

If you missed this year’s A Feast Reborn, you can Watch the Twitch stream and Check out the site to see all vendors who participated. make sure you join the discord to stay up to date on plans for next year’s event, which aims to be even bigger by spanning two days instead of just one! Nyte Snow wanted to thank everyone involved in this year’s event, including the Avengers and Tony Stark, for their efforts in undoing the snap.

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