Game-changing drawing technology to create the NFL season recap


The NFL hired Greg after posting his mental canvas experiments on social media, including this one scene which went viral on multiple platforms (5.7 million Views on TikTok alone). They tried to encapsulate this season’s unforgettable storylines as an original piece of art that could be shared across their social media channels. Works of art drawn in Mental Canvas immerse the viewer in an interactive spatial drawing in a unique way.

Greg started using Mental Canvas this summer when the company released a promotional version of their system and a global challenge Inviting creatives to reinvent drawing with their software. The response was amazing and eventually led to the NFL discovering an English artist whose vision of football was closer to the Premier League than the Super Bowl.

Greg is Art Director at Urban Scale Interventions, a small creative studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Greg spends most of his time working with teams to create ambitious, inspiring concepts to improve cities, explore places and develop tourism, among other things. When he heard about Mental Canvas from a colleague who was already following the challenge, he was excited to use it as a new storytelling tool – “to explore my 2D illustrations in a 3D space”.

“I use mental canvas to create an illustration where you have almost infinite layers to sketch/paint. I’ve only just started exploring its abilities, but I love it as a design tool! It really takes the storytelling to another level.”

“We are thrilled that the NFL is using Mental Canvas to relive this season’s drama in such a unique way. What Greg has created is a single ‘drawing’ that allows the viewer to enter, travel through and revisit the most memorable moments in myriad different ways,” said Julia Dorsey, computer science professor at Yale University and founder of Mental Canvas. “Mental Canvas’s software platform expands the possibilities of what a drawing can be.”

Greg has already sparked interest in marketing his scene as an NFT.

trip the interactive scene itself on any web-enabled device:

Via mental canvas
Mental Canvas, Inc. is a software technology company whose mission is to improve visual communication by enhancing the medium of drawing – its conception, creation and use. From advertisements to conceptual sketches to movie storyboards, people use mental canvas to explore ideas, communicate concepts, design products, and tell stories. Mental Canvas spatial drawings are a rich new interactive media type that can be consumed on any internet-enabled device. Mental Canvas is backed by EQT Ventures, HearstLab, M12 – Microsoft’s Venture Fund, SVB Financial Group and was a winner of M12’s inaugural International Female Founders Competition in 2018.

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