GeForce NOW update adds 120 fps streaming support for the browser


NVIDIA has just applied the latest update to GeForce NOW, which adds support for 120fps game streaming for PC users accessing the service through the browser. Before today’s update, there were a few ways to access the 120 fps. You needed an RTX 3080 membership and either the Windows, Mac, or Android apps.

No longer. You still need the RTX 3080 membership for 120fps, but you can now access those faster frame rates in your browser. Of course, GeForce NOW is also getting new games today. One of them is the brand new soul-like action role-playing game Thymesia. Additionally, players can stream Century: Age of Ashes, Clanfolk, Coromon, HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed, and Phoenix Point.

Players should also be able to access Path Of Exile’s new Lake Of Kalandra update, which begins on August 19th when it goes live.

In addition to 120fps, GeForce NOW also supports 1440p in the browser

GeForce NOW 120fps browser 2

120 fps for browser users isn’t the only new feature update coming to GeForce NOW. You can also select 1440p resolution. Which, like the faster frame rate, used to be exclusive to the Windows and Mac apps if you were playing on PC. Note, however, that you must be using Chrome or Edge to access the feature. Since Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium, both browsers will work.

For Chromebook users going back to school, this means a better gaming experience during downtime. It even allows for better streaming over campus computers that block apps from being installed.

When it comes to cloud gaming services, GeForce NOW offers one of the best options. With the largest library of games of all, and arguably better resolution and frame rate options, it’s hard to beat. Although each service has its own strengths. Stadia, for example, feels more stable most of the time thanks to its advanced technology. While Xbox Game Pass gives access to many day-one games.

If you haven’t tried GeForce NOW yet, it’s a good time to give it a try. Just don’t let that stop you from studying.


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