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It’s that time of year again when the weather is getting a little chilly, you can wrap up in warm clothes and there’s nothing like sipping a hot chocolate by the living room fire to warm up. You think of fall, and you think of harvest time, food, and more importantly, food festivals. This fall energy doesn’t just exist in the real world either, it’s fall when A Feast Reborn takes place in Final Fantasy 14.

A Feast Reborn is an annual community-led food street fair on Diabolos, Crystal that promises good virtual food, entertainment, and a great opportunity to sit back and relax with fellow players. The festival will be held on Saturday, October 8th between 3pm and 7pm ET at The Goblet, Ward 14 in the Plot 35 area. The event will be streamed for those unable to attend Pull out to.


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The fair takes over the residential station and spans two tiers with booths, live entertainment, competitions and more. There will also be live bard bands, as well as a bard’s corner for any budding musicians looking to flex their creative muscles, and macro dance troupe Esprit will also perform.

I had a blast at last year’s show, and this year it’s going to be bigger and better than ever with some brand new events, such as an activity stand for spicy food fans, offering prizes for those brave enough to singe their taste buds , and an artist booth that will make caricature drawings. For a full listing see the official website.

One of the great things about A Feast Reborn is that it allows players to get a sneak peek at a lot of great RP venues and hangouts. Staff from various venues will be in force to invite you and introduce you to their little piece of Eorzea at their individual booths.

One of these stalls is from Pawdemonium, a cafe and pet shop run by Ren and Shio Iteya on Zalera, Crystal, using their alternate characters Ash and Snows. “Our café sells food, desserts, tea, juices and the highlight – pets,” Ren tells me. “We ‘adopt’ pet related servants at below market prices and role play with our customers what they want in a pet etc. As we know we are more than happy with the way people have reacted to our shop as much as they do People already love their pets in real life – it’s only natural that our characters would too!

“We’ll be in booth 13 this year with slushies, hot cocoa, animal shaped cookies and as befits our name, some adorable baby hedgehogs to adopt! These aren’t RP items, they’re real minions with a below-market takeover fee. We have also donated some fun fat cat related items to the giveaways that will continue throughout the festival period.”

Another booth will be hosted by Si’kan Nin of Spice and Miqo’te, a tavern and bath house based on Mateus, of the bath house: “We really just focus on offering a relaxed tavern experience, and more importantly a SFW- Thermal Baths/Public Baths. We focus on customer interaction with fun mixed drinks that we serve but also offer seasonal food. Most of the things we serve are based around harvest time, so lots of pumpkin spice, cinnamon, apples, and so on!

“We’re sitting at booth 5 with a mission to get trade show goers tipsy, happy and maybe with a bit of spice burning their throats~. We serve most of our tavern’s specialties like our Pumpkin Spice White Garlean, Tipsy Miqo’te and the Crimson Tail!”

Ezzie Wingrave of the Twin Otters will also be among the sellers. “We’re a tavern/sparring and have been open since 2019,” says Ezzie. “We pride ourselves on being an open and welcoming RP venue. I’m really looking forward to this year’s event because last year was great!

“It’s a great time getting to know other venues and seeing what everyone else is up to! It also shows what an amazing community we have in Eorzea. This event was really well planned last year and everyone involved had a lot of fun. We like the changes Nyte has made and the staff even take turns so we can enjoy the event too!”

Also visit the stand of Vivienne Amandou, owner of The Cat’s Meow – a cozy casino and bar on Mateus. “We pride ourselves on the quality of our roleplay and the amazing bards and groups that play at our venue on Mateus, Empyreum W11 P42,” says Vivienne. “For this year’s Feast Reborn event, we’re bringing cocktails to booth 6, as well as simple dice games of chance! And I for one am extremely excited for all the social happenings over there, the crowds and events! I really love festivals.”

Another one to look out for is Stand 9, run by Kallias Hatasashi’s, who co-owns the Nightingale Song café with Pokie Hatasashi. “Our venue is a rustic Ishgard cafe that offers a varied menu of light fare, pastries and all kinds of different drinks,” Kallias tells me. “While most dishes are local, the cafe offers some exotic ones due to its strong trade links with the Far East.

“We have opened our venue twice a week, which is more open in earlier hours for EU citizens and those who are home early. We were very fortunate to acquire a medium in the Empyrean, where we remain to this day. It’s located in the Crystal Datacenter, Server Zalera, Ward 1, Plot 7. It’s always open for people who want to be there outside of our opening hours. Only then we have no staff. We are changing decoration for Holidays and have special menus at this time. We try to go to various events as vendors, and we go to the Ishgardian Market Day once a month, which is hosted by the Firmament RP hub.”

Whilst chatting to a few vendors prior to the event we discussed what everyone was most looking forward to and it was great to see a range of things everyone is looking forward to.

“Last year we didn’t see the festival, so we’re really excited to be there this year and hope we can sneak away and try out the Spice is Right game,” says Ren. “Watching or even reading people describe how they eat hot food and what it does to them when they can’t handle it is both terrifying and hilarious! Festivals are a great way to meet new people or see new things you didn’t know were made in the game. Even if you don’t RP but are interested, 100 percent people should stop by to see all the amazing creative people out there!”

“Of course, the highlights of the event for me, aside from the food and the RP, are just the community, everyone coming together to have something fun that everyone can sit back and lose for a while,” says Si’kan. “Even for us working at the carnival, it’s a great time to relax and just do our hobby!” Ezzie added, “I’m most excited for all the artists and creators we’re going to have this year . There will be so many opportunities to enjoy the talents of others.”

“The highlights that I’m personally looking forward to for A Feast Reborn are of course the RP and then seeing what kind of connections can be made with other venue people,” says Kallias. “I support the idea of ​​having a hub where vendors can chat with each other and help if needed.”

Nyte Snow, owner of Abbiocco Fine Dining and creator of A Feast Reborn, promises a year to remember. “We’ve made several improvements over last year’s festival based on feedback from Abbiocco staff, festival vendors and festival-goers,” she tells me. “We have done everything we can for additional activities at the festival this year. The 50/50 drawing and raffles are back and the auction has become a silent auction, but new this year are several bard bands, a performance of Aethers Esprit XIV and two cooking shows by our venue’s master chef. We’re being streamed on Twitch by the amazing Kindled Knight, so you can experience A Feast Reborn even if you can’t be there in person.”

Don’t miss this incredible community event by visiting The Goblet on Diabolos, Crystal on Saturday, October 8th between 3pm and 7pm ET. In the meantime, you can find more information on the official site and join the discord.

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