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Existing Android cell phones are preinstalled on by default Google Assistant, which – which software It is designed with artificial intelligence capable of talking to the user. You suddenly started using it occasionally, but have you made the most of this app? Then we will show you the best voice commands that you can order from the above-mentioned Google platform. Note.

Appearance: Steps to clear Google Assistant voice history


It is important to clarify this in order to activate a file Google assistant And to tell him something, you have two options: On the one hand, press the start button for a few seconds, which is located in the middle of the lower middle, and on the other hand, say the two commands “Ok Google” or “Hey.” Google -Browser “.

Home reminder

  • First say “Ok Google” and then “Create reminder”.
  • The wizard says “What is a reminder?”
  • You should be clear about this and say, for example: “An interview is on Saturday, October 30th.”
  • Next you will be asked when you would like to receive the reminder.
  • You can reply “10pm today” or anytime.
  • The reminder will be saved automatically.

Set the alarm

  • Just say “Set the alarm”.
  • He will ask: “When should I set the alarm?”
  • You need to be precise and tell the time whether it is morning (morning) or afternoon / evening (evening).
  • It is also correct to say, “Ok Google, wake me up at eight in the morning.”

grocery list

  • Use the shopping list command.
  • For example, you could say, “Add rice, meat, and tomatoes to your grocery list.”
  • The assistant replies with “Done”.
  • If you forget something that says “Ok Google, add chicken”.
  • Finally, tell him to show you the shopping list.
  • It will be saved as “My Shopping List”.

Fast spare parts

For example, you can ask him what is on your mind: if you ask him where to buy pizza, he will show you the list of pizzerias in your area. When you have questions about how to pronounce a word in another language, the Google Assistant relies on Google Translate to give you the answer. The app can even sing or tell you the best jokes.

Do you have a problem with Google assistant? If the application is not working or not responding to an “Ok Google” then enter the link below. Follow a number of steps that can solve the problem. For more help or troubleshooting your iPhone or iPad devices, see Troubleshoot a phone or tablet.



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